Carol Ann Cheah

Name: Carol Ann Cheah Wei Qi

Course: Biomedical Engineering, 1st Year

Position: President

Proposer: Keane Eziel Ritikos, Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

Seconder: Ken Ho Weixing, Medicine, 1st Year


I’ve got a possibly-horrible confession to make: I was a *tiny* bit skeptical about what immersing myself fully in Imperial MSoc events and the people would do – whether it would somewhat close me off from the various other things/people that Imperial had to offer. As someone who’s been a “displaced” Malaysian for quite some time with little to no Malaysian company, I’ve adapted to various British-isms and people quite early on – so you can see why I was dubious about “going back”, even if it wasn’t obvious.

But I took the plunge anyway, having been (easily) won over by our current VP – and a great summer meet + camp, one MNight lead role, two brilliant performances and various countless evenings of great laughs later, I’ve got to take my doubt back – I’m in love. Not only has MSoc been good to us Malaysians in so many ways (new or not); it’s also given us strong bonds, plenty of other opportunities, and has actually complemented/encouraged my involvement even beyond it!

Now that still begs the question as to why I’m gunning for MSoc presidency here. Running for the post is more than just love for the society + its members and a real desire to give back; I strongly feel that I’ve also got the attributes and skills needed to hold down the job. Committed, determined, caring, passionate about people… we don’t need telling twice to know what falls under this scope. As president, you’re required to oversee a variety of events and projects by your own committee that crop up all at once, not just MNight; and you need to stay organized on top of those. At the same time, everyone’s looking to you, so you need to be able to motivate them and communicate well – whilst under all that pressure!

High school in England has provided me with the abilities needed to manage these duties: amongst other things I’ve led the school’s main and chamber orchestras, served as boarding house prefect and assistant school prefect, and also conducted homework help + music practice sessions for students in the neighboring primary school. Additionally, I took on an internship at a call centre at the end of Form 4; so if that doesn’t teach you how to handle people in a high-pressure environment, I don’t know what does. Even now in Imperial, I’m also involved in Felix and was elected to Union Council whilst still a part of MSoc/MNight – so that gives me insight as to how the Union and other societies work; experience which I feel could be utilized here in MSoc.

As for MNight, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with four years of school productions in every aspect imaginable: from choreography, to lighting/sound design, to stage management, to music composition (that’s just to name a few!) I was also handpicked to be the school’s Quartz Visual Arts Festival coordinator back in sixth form; a role which involves sourcing for and allocating work for festival volunteers, and liaising with the festival acts themselves to conduct necessary preparations – it was traditionally the organizing member of staff’s job.
All this has done more than hone my leadership and teamwork skills – it also puts me in the best position to assist the producer in conducting executive decisions for MNight; whilst still having a deep understanding of what can happen with the production at a creative/logistical level – so the decisions will be well-informed. It also means that I’ve learnt how to keep members of a production encouraged and fulfilled!

I won’t say that I’m going to revolutionize the society and conduct sweeping reforms – the past presidents have done a great job in creating and maintaining a solid MSoc structure that works. What I aim to do, though, is to keep up their good work in fostering a caring Malaysian community; one with bonds that should strengthen over time. Here’s what I’d like to look at for the coming year, together with the committee:

  • Freshers: Extending the society’s outreach and presence to them, especially in the summer before/first few weeks – first impressions do matter!
  • Events for all: Maintaining the successful ones to date (freshers’ camp, theatre trips, dinners et al); whilst encouraging regular informal feedback from all as to what they’d like to do, and on what scale – this’ll hopefully reduce decreased participation in the older years
  • Inter-society ties: Other collaborative events like the “Who Boleh?” series to take place with other (overseas) societies in Imperial, or even MSocs around London/the rest of the UK – this will help provide a greater variety of experiences for our own members

This list is a taster/overview – I’ll be elaborating on these things more during the AGM.

I wouldn’t be running for the presidency if I didn’t feel that I could put in the time and commitment this job demands – in a nutshell, vote for me and you’ll get an adaptable, passionate and experienced worker who’ll strive to elevate and motivate the society in the new academic year, together with a great committee in tow!

Run-down Position: Vice President, Committee Member

Run-down Manifesto: I’m opting to not prepare a full separate manifesto; as I believe this main one still encompasses what I’d do for the society and why I’d be suited for the run-down roles (still the same skill-set/attributes needed, just on a different scale).

One way or another, I’d be giving back – I’d just add that for VP, I aim to assist the President to the best of my ability as well as use my experience to produce a top-notch show; for committee member, I’d seek to carry on giving both freshers and seniors the same brilliant experiences that I’ve had during my time in the society to date, be it event-organizing or looking after welfare!