Catherine Kok

Kok Li-Vern, Catherine

Course: Chemical Engineering

Post: Sports Secretary

Proposer: Justin Chan (2nd year Mechanical Engineering, MSOC Sports Secretary 11/12)

Seconder: Wong Kuo Jian (4th year Chemical Engineering, MSOC Committee Member 09/10)


How will I get the chance to meet new people in IC? That was a question I asked myself countless times as I stepped into Imperial. Well, being part of Msoc has certainly been a huge help. Aside from the casual social events (Welcome and CNY dinner), followed by the major events (Malaysian Night), the sports sessions have served as great platform for me in achieving this. I got the opportunity to be introduced to my seniors, who have made life in IC more interesting, at the same time discover how large a group our freshers make up. What more, these sports sessions has been a great avenue for me to meet people of other nationalities, like the well-skilled volleyball players from Hong Kong and Austria! Through this new group of friends, I have become a better player, and this has certainly brought satisfaction and joy to my life. After a week of heavy studying and head banging out of frustrations, an evening of ball hitting also plays a huge role as a stress reliever for me.

So you might ask, why choose to run for sports secretary? A sports enthusiast, I want to share my appreciation for sports with other members of the society. The experience I have gained through sports meets and practice sessions have all been memorable and I hope that you also get the chance to experience what I have. (Who knows, it might be just your luck that you meet your future best friend/significant other on court). On a more serious note, I am well aware that the role of a sport secretary should not be taken lightly. From the collection of annual sports fees and organized planning of the weekly sports fixtures before the new term begins, much attention has to be directed to the annual Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Warwick and other university sports games. Representing the society in liaising with the organizing party would be important to ensure that all runs smoothly on our side. To top it off, huge preparations would be required to ensure that each participating team clock in sufficient practice time to prepare themselves in their respective sports. These games give us the chance to bring out the best sports performance in us, cultivate good sportsmanship and have an enjoyable time with Malaysians from all around the UK. If given the opportunity, I intend on ensuring that they run as smoothly as they have in the past years, so that all of you, whether a participant or spectator, will have a great experience at these sports meets.

What can be improved? What we are lacking now is the variety of sports we partake in. I hope to introduce more sports like touch rugby and netball in our weekly sports fixture. This would give everyone a greater opportunity of discovering what sport they are interested in. Aside from good bonding sessions between friends and acquaintances, we would get the chance to participate in more sports come the annual games event. On top of that, with the increase in number of sports, I intend on having more interactions with other societies in IC as well as with other universities. It would also be my responsibility to act as a medium between the team captains and sports secretaries in other universities to ensure smooth communications in managing these friendly competitions.

From recent experience in my sports leadership course, I have also come to realize how a small tournament within the university can serve as a platform for generating funds for Msoc sports. While the society has allocated quite a large fund for the club sports, having additional funds would mean an increase in subsidy in transportation, registration and other sports-related matter. Also, more sports visits, like the trip to Stamford Bridge this year, can be organized.

Do I have what it takes to be a sports secretary? I was previously a prefect, the president of Interact club as well as member of the handball, basketball and athletics team. My involvement in these activities has exposed me to the importance of teamwork and good communication, in addition to ensuring all activities run as smoothly as possible. On top of that, I am currently assisting tennis sessions for kids in local schools. Perhaps this is sufficient to convince you of my capability as a sports secretary.

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. Lend me your support and I shall not let you down! So get those limbs moving, come for AGM and vote for me!