Charmain Li

Full Name: Charmain Li Tian Xin
Course: Biochemistry with Management and a Year in Industry
Post: Secretary
Proposer: Amarandaas Kaluvan, MEng Aeronautical Engineering, 2nd Year
Seconder: Wui Yang Ee, MEng Civil Engineering, 2nd Year
Choice of alternative run-down posts: Treasurer


In these short six months, I found a home I never had within Malaysian Society. Despite being born in KL, I never had the chance to meet so many fellow Malaysians before coming to London; and I fell deeply in love with the people, the culture and most importantly what MSoc stands for. A home abroad for Malaysians to live and learn, laugh and grow. I enjoyed every moment I had with MSoc; and would love to use my second year to contribute back to our society and make a difference in the lives of our fellow Malaysians, just like how our seniors have done.

My vision as Secretary

1.       More immediate feedback between Exco and members

–         Greater transparency: showing members and sponsors alike where their money is going to. Actions speak louder than words. Perhaps this would help with funding and attract more members.

2.      More events – opportunities to get to know fellow Malaysians and so that everyone gets to benefit

–         Greater initial publicity and icebreaking events at the start of term for Freshers who couldn’t make it to Freshers Camp

–         Day trips around and out of London – low budget, more quality time, fun break from stressful work

–         More inclusive buddy system so that buddies don’t feel left out to promote a supportive community for both work & play

–         Fairer allocation of funds for events to bridge the gap between members in different year groups as well as those not involved in MNight; etc… the possibilities are endless.

Events are targeted at bringing people together. This can only be achieved if members actually attend them.

3.      Improve efficiency of MSoc so that more can be done and organized in less time

–         Less can be spent on events without compromising their aims through better planning and management of finances for events

–         This year, the restaurant supplying for MNight wanted payment in cash. As there was no time to meet the payment due to dealings with the Union, we ended up paying a bit more than we had to. More thorough planning and research could be done to make sure we’re not caught off-guard next time. Since we already know that the Union is so fussy, perhaps instead of just planning a general budget, we could also include the union into our timeline to make sure there is enough time for payments to be made.

–         Inaugural events such as Who Boleh? and Melting Pot were huge successes this year. Selling Nasi Lemak for a profit as a small source of revenue was a good idea and this can be expanded into a larger scale event such as a cultural carnival (such as Singsoc’s CNY Carnival at UCL) where we provide the venue for teams of students to man their own stores. Not only would this give members an opportunity to hone their business acumen, it would also be a great platform to promote and share Malaysian culture with others. Teams could be made, relationships built and its a cause of meeting up with Malaysian friends from across London. We could even liase with other societies.

I’m not afraid to sacrifice time or take on the heavy responsibilities to make sure things are done. As Project Leader of ‘Stride for a Cure’, an annual charity walk in Hong Kong, I handled $130000HKD (£9300) in funds and was in charge of a whole range of administrative and publicity matters – from informing participants every detail they needed to know to collating indemnity, registration and health & safety forms… The amount of effort and time put into that one-off event was massive; yet it was extremely fulfilling to see the eventual successful execution of the whole event.

Rest assured I have the experience, passion and dedication to serve MSoc better. While I’ve touched on some ideas on how to improve our already-well-established society, my main goal will always be how to best serve MSoc, so that we will be able to fulfill the needs of fellow Malaysians at Imperial. As secretary, I will be in charge of the administrative details of all MSoc meetings and able to make your voices heard: don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any opinions, needs or wants.

Thank you very much for your patience and support! I really do appreciate it! And may the best candidate win 🙂