Claresta Lim

NAME : Claresta Lim

Course : Chemistry

Post : Committee Member (Welfare Officer)

Proposer (Name, Course, Year) : Matthew Tan Teik Hoe, Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

Seconder (Name, Course, Year) : Kimberley Chin-Goh, Medicine, 2nd Year

University life is said to be one of the most memorable times of one’s life. Since coming to Imperial, I would say that joining Malaysian Society and more specifically, joining Malaysian Night has helped me settle in more comfortably into life at university and has been one of my more exciting experiences as a fresher. I’ve met people I never thought I would have, I’ve made friends that would’ve been strangers, I’ve gotten to know seniors and freshers that would’ve been just another face in the crowd.

Although I know it really depends on ourselves and how involved we choose to be in extracurricular activities, I really think that the seniors have played a major role in producing MNight, which I personally think is a major factor in bringing many of us freshers together. Without the seniors, we might not have the cherished friendships that we do with our friends today. Looking back at all the practices, gatherings and parties, I really feel as though it has brought us together in a way that glues us together even after MNight. That is why I really hope to be a senior that can do the same for my juniors next year and contribute to their experiences as a fresher. I strongly feel that as a committee member, I would have more interaction with not just the juniors, but the seniors as well. Also, I feel that there is not much interaction between upper years and lower years in our society and I would like to change that next year by organizing more events involving both seniors and juniors e.g. by having more paintballing trips, potluck events, picnics, informal dinners, and maybe even departmental get-togethers so that the 3rd years and above can still get involved in Malaysian Society and get to know those in the years below as well as above. Many of us are kept busy at Imperial so haven’t yet gotten the chance to actually explore London and it would be really good if we could discover London together i.e. visiting the famous markets in London, shopping in Covent Garden, rowing in Hyde Park, seeing the sights around London. I would be more than happy to organize these events and I am also quite familiar with London, having lived in the UK for a few years already.

I feel that the experience of being university student is one of the most important memories that we will treasure for the whole of our lives and that is why I really want to help others to make great memories at university as well. This is one of the last times we can enjoy student life to the fullest before entering the workforce as an employee so we should make the most of it while we can. I really hope I can contribute to the making of those memories as a committee member.

Being an East Malaysian, it was difficult for me to attend the pre-freshers’ activities such as the freshers’ camp and the pre-departure dinner, which was held in KL. I felt like I missed out a little in not being able to attend those events and I know some of the East Malaysians also feel that way. If I were given the chance to be a committee member, in addition to the freshers’ camp held in KL, I would organize mini informal gatherings in Sabah and Sarawak for the freshers and seniors from Borneo to get to know each other before arriving at Imperial. It doesn’t need to be big or overly formal as there are not many of us, but I feel that we East Malaysians too, should have the opportunity to make some friends before arriving in Imperial for the first time. We could meet up in kopitiams, have a nice, friendly meal together and get to know each other and discuss concerns and questions. I know it can quite daunting to go to university without knowing anyone beforehand or without knowing a senior or friend who can provide guidance and support, especially for first-timers who come to the UK. I would also like to organize more ice-breakers and mini-events for people from different years to get to know each other and bring us closer as a huge Malaysian family. J The support that we could provide for each other would be invaluable and extremely appreciated.

I would not run for this post if I had not decided to give it my all and put all my dedication, heart and soul into it. I am also willing to try and get along with as many people as possible as my goal is to unite our society as a family. I think I’m fairly easy to get on with as well and am reliable and friendly so I think I am suited to the job of a committee member, which supports to the higher ups of the committee and also can be supportive of the members of our society. I have previously been a debator for our school team and it has been a tremendous help in improving my communication skills, which is important in my interaction with the members of our society.

I really hope that I can be granted this chance to contribute to Malaysian Society and give others the unforgettable experience that I have experienced in this society as well. Every experience that we have changes us in some way and I sincerely hope that being elected as a committee member of Malaysian Society would allow me to help to push our society forward towards a brighter future and more importantly, bring our members together as a family.