Clayton Qwah

Name: Clayton Qwah

Post: Committee Member

Course: Physics with Theoretical Physics

Proposer: Lee Jia Sheng, 1st Year, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Seconder:  James Phua, 1st Year, Chemical Engineering


Lost. That was what I felt when I first came to Imperial. I feared it would be a lonely 4 years here. But Malaysian Society changed that. Before I had come to Imperial, I never thought I would join the society as it seemed (at first glance) to be a pretty boring society. But after the months as a Malaysian society member as well as countless Malaysian Night practices, I feel I belong somewhere again. I felt proud to be a Malaysian at Imperial College. It is impossible for me now to imagine my life if I had not joined this wonderful society. Thus, I would like to further contribute to the betterment of the society and to help freshers next year so that their experience in Imperial College may be further improved by Malaysian Society.

I have some experience as a committee member, being an events officer in the Robotics Club in my high school days and creative director in HELP Academy’s Environmental Science Club. Besides that, I was a prefect in my high school days, which has trained to be disciplined and responsible in my duties. Apart from that, I was involved in the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge, an experience which taught me a lot about teamwork and responsibility, something which can make me a better committee member for Malaysian Society.

Being an actor in this year’s Malaysian Night has also taught me a lot about commitment and time-balancing.  With practices to attend (actors have a lot more of those) as well as memorizing lines, it all had to be done whilst rushing for reports and deadlines.  However, I pulled through and my efforts were not wasted as I enjoyed myself immensely playing ‘Harry Kok’, with no regrets whatsoever. As a person, I am very approachable and I socialize very well with my fellow Malaysians. I will always do my best to make myself as likeable as possible and be a fun person to hang out with, due to years of unwavering dedication in mastering the art of Malaysian socializing (the angmoh counterpart still in its infancy).

As a member, I have had a ball of a time so as a committee member; it would be my privilege to ensure the same for freshers next year. i want the members, new and old, to know that despite being thousands of miles away from home,  away from their friends and family in Malaysia , they can still call this alien land their home. So vote for me! I am very sure you would want someone as reliable as Harry Kok to be your committee member.  Remember, as a wise old man in an epic tale once said: “with great power, comes great responsibility”. PEACE OUT!