Foong Pak Tung

Name: Foong Pak Tung (aka The Guy Who Played Sarge)

Course: 1st Year Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry

Running for Vice President

Run down Post: Liaison Officer

Proposer: Chang Wern Chia 3rd Year Chemical Engineering
Seconder: Nigel Sim Boon Wei 3rd Year Bioengineering

Dear MMM (Magnificent Msoc Members),

Malaysian Night (MNight) was our first great foray into what the Society has to offer. What we felt on those two fateful nights was something that can never be replaced! We achieved greatness, but only with effort, dedication, and most importantly, each other. MSoc has given me so much, and it is time for me to contribute back!

The VP has been traditionally the producer of MNight, and one of the VP’s responsibilities is overseeing the Great Success of MNight. However, this role is not limited to MNight, and I will attempt to convince you that I would be the most suitable candidate for the job.

I pride myself as being a good listener. If you work with me, I will guarantee that your ideas and opinions will be heard. I understand that everyone is still human, and mistakes are bound to occur. That is why I make it a point to listen to second opinions. As producer, I will ensure that the senior’s opinions and advice are heard, so as to ensure that their expertise will assist us.

I will not shy away from harsh decisions, but what differentiates me is that when handling these matters, I maintain diplomacy as a top agenda. In the end, a satisfied and motivated team is much more efficient than a team disillusioned with blunt criticism and pompous orders. I highly value diplomacy and communication, and you can expect that from me during our work together.

Passion for being a producer. No, seriously, HUGE passion. Being there for MNight has inspired me so much. Imperial MNight has always been a huge success, and it would be my honour, to be able to contribute at the level of producer, where I can have a birds-eye view of everything. But passion counts for nothing if I don’t have the experience to back it up. When I was studying in a secondary school in Singapore, I was in the drama club called the Raffles Players. There, the players not only act out plays, but also dabble in musicals and dance movements for theatre. Being in 3 productions (as acting cast, props team, and dancer respectively) has given me some experience on stage performances and what is required to run performances smoothly.

As VP, you can expect that my direction for the society as a very sociable and interesting environment to work in. However, that does not mean there will be any sacrifice in professionalism. I will emphasize a very healthy and close relationship with freshers where they are encouraged to come to me with their problems and complaints, in which I will ensure that MSoc would help in its best capacity.

I understand that as both producer and the VP, organisational skills are required. During my tenure as a kindergarten office worker, I have learnt that proper record-keeping is essential for the smooth running of any event. Keeping track of the fee payments and inventory has honed me to keep an event organized. Interestingly enough, I even had to telephone parents who are late on their payments! (This explains my diplomatic tendencies).
For those of you interested to know, these are my election promises. Stay tuned on Election Day to find out why I have made these promises and how I will achieve them!

  1. Greatly increased marketing for MNight 2013. Set up Marketing Team.
  2.  Sales of MNight DVD to general public!
  3. Hive mind committee on the MNight Production team. Minimize miscommunication and rogue decisions via high priority but concise meetings.
  4. Plethora of ideas for MNight 2013. Will disclose some on Election Day. These are only ideas, and I am still open for any suggestions.
  5. Props team will be set up much sooner and will be working more closely with the production team. Increased budgeting and quality of props.
  6. Creation of post MNight report to be sent to potential sponsors. Certificates for leadership positions will be printed.
  7. Have an anonymous feedback box on all occasions.
  8. Fun environment to work with! Fresher’s camp and practices in the beginning of the year will have games of Polar Bear.
  9. No one left behind policy. Members who wish to participate in MNight and MSoc, but do not hold a position are encouraged to contribute, with due credit guaranteed.
  10. Over the top, with flash mobs and mini performances, super friendly, and enthusiastic Fresher’s Stall in the Great Hall.


Thank you for hearing me out and more importantly, thank you for all the great memories, MMM (Magnificent MSoc Members)!