James Phua

Name: James Phua

Course: 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Post: Treasurer

Proposer: Ng Huey Jeen (2nd year, Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Seconder: Kuan Han Sen (2nd year, Physics with Theoretical Physics)

Run-down post: Committee member (Events Officer)



The past few months in the Malaysian Society (MSoc) had been a truly memorable experience. Events such as the Welcome Dinner, CNY Dinner and Malaysian Night practices allowed me to know fellow freshers better. Such an experience has fuelled my desire to create a wonderful (and even better) experience for all members (including freshers).

To me, events are important opportunities for people to interact and go beyond of the typical course and hall social groups to know other people. During events, it is really awesome to see people chilling out, chatting and relaxing over a meal or a game. Events unify people and bring joy to everyone. For example, the CNY dinner is not really about the food; it is about the people: the people whom you have met during your initial months in London, the people whom you saw during weekly MNight practices, the people who you usually eat with.

To successfully organise so many events at a subsidised cost, it is imperative to manage the MSoc fund wisely and prudently. I see finance as the concrete base that lays the foundation to the successful organisation of various events. The joy that each participant feels and the smile on each person’s face motivate me to work even harder to serve the community.

During my pre-university days, I had the opportunity to source for sponsorships to cover the cost of a national science competition for secondary school students. Liaising with school management, canvassing for sponsorships, writing event proposals and planning event budget were part of my learning journey, and I desire to tap on such skills that I have acquired to serve MSoc as a treasurer.

Being a meticulous (actually, very meticulous) and organised person, I am comfortable dealing with arrays of numbers and tracking the inflow and outflow of money. Past experiences such as planning event budget have given me the confidence to take on the challenge to plan and manage the relatively much larger budget of MSoc. Most importantly, I feel that an integral part of my leadership journey is being receptive to others’ feedback and suggestions. By practicing active listening and seriously considering others’ views, I have learnt to be a better servant leader throughout the years.

These are a few ways that I would like to contribute to the society, in addition to my duties:

1. Organise freshers’ walkabout for each group of halls such as Evelyn Gardens, Prince’s Gardens, Pembridge Gardens, Beit Hall, Wilson House

  • For freshers to familiarise themselves with the surrounding and know each other at the beginning

2. Promote greater transparency and accountability with regard to the finance operations

  • Any member can enquire about the latest expenditures and balance at any time, instead of only during Ordinary/Annual General Meetings

3. Cater to the needs of more interest groups (e.g. sports audience, theatre lovers)

  • I am always open to any suggestion or feedback. If there are other events that are popular and feasible, I will seriously consider organising them at a subsidized cost. These could include theatre trips to watch Les Misérables or The Lion King.

It has been an awesome journey for me, and all I want is to make it even better for others.

“Ask not what MSoc can do for you – ask what you can do for MSoc.”

Serving MSoc wholeheartedly as a treasurer is exactly my answer.