Jin Wern Low

Full Name :Jin Wern Low

Course: Chemical Engineering(1st year)

Post: President

Proposer (Name and Course and Year): Kuo Jian (4th year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder (Name and Course and Year): Alia Johari (2nd year Biomedical Science)

Run-down post: Sports Secretary


This year Msoc gave me an opportunity to meet new people, an opportunity to try new things, and an opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Over these past six months, there have been many ups and downs, smiles and tears, joy and sadness, however, I will always remember and cherish all the memories and friends that I gained. Somewhere along the way . . . Msoc became my new home.

Drawing from my experience as the Captain of Msoc Junior Basketball Team, I have learnt the importance of listening and learning from others, because everyone’s opinion is valuable. Knowing the team has allowed me to identify people’s strengths and weaknesses and put the best people for the job. Running a huge society such as Msoc requires someone who is confident, knows how to manage their team, but also someone who listens…skills of which I hope I have been able to demonstrate during my roles in Msoc this year. As Msoc president, I would run the committee based on teamwork and trust to ensure that no one is overburdened or undervalued.

My Objectives this year for


1) To continue the tradition of having elaborate social events like fancy dinners (e.g. CNY dinner) that will provide chances for seniors and juniors alike to socialize and meet each other. And of course Theatre and day trips around the UK are also a must.

2) To assist freshers with settling in to their new London life.

3) To strengthen bonds between student from different years. Besides the buddy system, I think events like inter-year sports competition will be a bridge between seniors and juniors relationships. (e.g. Freshers vs Seniors Basketball Match)

4) To develop and improve Msoc’s role in taking care of the welfare of its members (freshers and seniors alike). A simple way of going around this, is to introduce a short questionnaire at end of each academic term to get feedback on events by Msoc or to listen to members comments before taking appropriate actions.


1) To get more participation from freshers and second years. One way is to build a larger Mnight committee so more 2nd years can get involved and also to share the workload. To gain more participation of freshers, I propose having a Mnight orientation day where seniors can talk briefly about their experiences and a showing of 2012 Mnight will be shown. (sometime in October)

2) To encourage and promote malaysian culture through mnight by increasing the variety of Malaysian performance. (e.g. dances like bamboo dance, wayang kulit)

I strongly believe that I can capable of becoming the future face of Msoc and I hope that you will give me the opportunity to prove myself, as Micheal Jordan once said that ‘I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying’.