Ken Ho

Name: Ken Weixing Ho

Course: Medicine

Post: Committee Member

Proposed by: Andrew Chim (2nd Year Aeronautical Engineering)

Seconded by: Gregory Yap (2nd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)


“The task of leadership is not put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already” – John Buchan

I’ll be completely honest. Malaysian Society wasn’t the first thing I thought I would be involved with throughout my Imperial years. I had a plan to involve myself in superbly diverse societies and integrate into the Imperial community like a boss. How wrong I was because it wasn’t soon before long that I realize, home is where the heart is and MSoc was the closest thing I could find to home. Stalking the MSoc website when I first got my offer, I “meh”-ed at their activities and loathe at the prospect of spending more time with Malaysians. I mean, why travel 8800 miles to an overseas university just to see more Malaysians? Answer? Because the people at MSoc were, are and will always be amazing. True story.

Time moves in one direction, memory in another. From the pre-fresher’s event where I first saw everyone right up to the curtain call of Malaysian Night, my journey in MSoc has been nothing short of extraordinary. I’ve been forced to run around KLCC locating prices of stuff (thanks to our dedicated Welfare Officer), I’ve been forced to eat cili padi after not being able to remember a long list of names of members (thanks to our dedicated Welfare Officer again, and a bit of Lucas), and most recently, I’ve had friends come up to me going “YO MAN. FRIED CHICKEN YO. PO PO MANNNN”. There are probably a gazillion other memorable events in between that will probably be forever engraved in my mind.

Now, what do I plan to achieve if I was elected? Everything, the sky’s the limit. Although, I’ll leave you guys with my focus below:-

  • Organize more fun filled events including but not limited to:-
    • Outdoor recreation and intra-society competitions, e.g. gokarting, paintball, theme parks, Ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, pepsi cola (no, seriously) and I’ll leave the rest open to suggestions from members.
    • Theatre trips! Cried during Wicked? Stomped your way through Stomp? I’ll make sure you end up Singing in the Rain from Chicago going Mamma Mia!
    • FOOOODDD. More dinners, get-togethers and potlucks. And also picnics of course.


  • Project Freshers Two-Oh-One-Two
    • Increase the scale of the pre-fresher’s event. Ideas include a proper reception and one that caters to different states.
    • Remodel and improve the Buddy System. How? Make official buddy events (like buddy games!) and meet-ups from time to time.
    • Introduce London 101 tours for them new kiddos.
    • FRESHERDAM! Fresher (and senior) trips to out of London for some peace and quiet or fun and more fun. Though the latter might be more applicable.


  • MSoc Globalization!
    • Establishing better connections with MSocs around the UK (and world, why not) and co-organize events! – London Malaysian Fair
    • Stronger integration with other societies in the union. Melting Pot? Up the notch and make it a more commercialized and bigger-scaled event.
    • Start viral online sharing of events for better promotion.

Why me? I believe I’ve shown commitment throughout my fresher year and in some ways or another, motivated people along the way, hopefully.  I’m not going to go on about past leadership experiences because I feel what I have shown in the past year should represent my ability and confidence in the society.  As a committee member, I will be able to assist the organization and coordination of the society and I know that’s where my strong points might be. As one of the few medics, I hope to be able to present a sense of diversity within the organizational structure that can only prove to be beneficial, no doubt. Last but not least, I want the members and future freshers to feel what I felt throughout the last few months in MSoc. A mix of gratitude, care and friendship, signed, sealed and delivered.

P.S. I wanted to add thrashing Singaporeans and stuff but I realized I’m not going to lower myself to that level. #chickenricelady, #burn, #out.