Kim Guan Yeap

Name: Kim Guan Yeap

Position: President
Proposed by: Tan Yan Sheng
Seconded by: Shin Ngam

Manifesto: I was not born in Malaysia. The only link to this country is that my parents were born here and I have visited only four times. So why would a person, born and bred in London for 20 years, even consider joining the Malaysian Society, let alone run for the position of President?

Let me tell you why. As an M Soc member for two years, it gives me pleasure to say that I am not so much part of a society, but of a family. The warmth and affection shown to a relative outcast like myself during this time period has only reinforced the image that Malaysians are wonderful people. That sense of belonging I felt amongst native Malaysians was overwhelming and made me decide I have to give back to the Malaysian community at Imperial; being the President would help me fulfil this.

I possess the correct attitude and aptitude to succeed in this role. My iron-will and sheer determination, allied to my fever-pitch patriotism and passion for Malaysian culture will help in all activities, from the Freshers’ Camp to the post-M Night celebrations. I have observed closely the efforts of the previous two committees in making 2010-2012 successful years and it is my very intention to build on this.

Know this. I will not shirk away from this job; I will pour my heart and soul into every facet of this society. I guarantee that if you vote for me, we will witness a simultaneous evolution and revolution that will put ICUMS at the forefront of all Malaysian societies in the UK, and Europe. This is not fanciful talk, but a new era that can be set in motion with your backing.

Guan boleh? No. ICUMS boleh.