Kyle Hellemans

Name: Kyle Hellemans

Course: Chemical Engineering

Post: Committee Member

Proposer (Name and Course and Year): Kimberley Chin-Goh, Medicine, 2nd Year

Seconder (Name and Course and Year): Ray-Men Chua, Mathematics, 2nd Year


A half-Belgian half-Malaysian, Thailand born, England residing person wanting to be part of MSoc. Hmm. Quite peculiar, one might think (as I did too). Being curious in Malaysian culture, a friend of mine one day suggested that I should come to a MNight practice around about November time. Looking back on it now, I didn’t realise that walking through that door was one of the best decisions of my life.

Yes, clichés aside this is the truth. This is nothing new to what I have said before. I have learnt and gained so much just being around this small part of the Malaysian community, not just learning what food Malaysians like to eat or what traditions that they uphold, but just generally understanding how Malaysians are as a whole.

Having experienced the joys of MNight, I see MSoc not as a society but more of a family, and I admit I can’t help but fully appreciate how important it is to have an ‘identity’ – a place where you can say you belong to.

And so this is how I will give back to the community. I’ve had a lot of experience organising events and it’s what I enjoy doing. Being a prefect, house deputy captain, working at the London Marathon at secondary school, and a hall committee, a green representative member here have taught me be organised and appreciate everyone’s needs individually.  Being very international has lead me to interact with people from very different backgrounds, and I hope I can be seen as someone whom many people can relate to.

Talking to many people of Malaysian descent but living outside of Malaysia, the general impression is that they feel that they aren’t entitled to join and I feel that they have missed out on such an enriching experience. I want this to change! I hope I can be a good ‘ambassador’ to reach out to these people and I want them experience what I have.


So, please give me the chance to make this ‘family’ grow, that together as a committee we can this year and next year epic for everyone.