Lee Cheng Wei

Lee Cheng Wei

Course: Mathematics with Mathematical Physics

Post: Ordinary Committee Member

Proposed by: James Phua, 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Seconded by: Basil Lim, 2nd Year Physics with Theoretical Physics


Why am I here? What do I want to do? What have I accomplished? What must I do?

Having asked these questions before and after experiencing the three months of study, sleep and socializing in the typical Imperial College fashion, I found little difference in my answers then: study hard, apply for internships, get good grades, plus all other boring pursuits that everybody in your course wants. But since becoming a full-fledged member of MSoc, my outlook on uni-life changed for the better.

Despite initially being the ‘ninja’ who leaves as quickly as he comes, I grew to love the warmth of the community in MSoc. Every part of it mattered to me; the countless hours of booming as we slapped the ground, the many tears that were shed, the laugher that resounded through the Great Hall, the tampons, the clapping and singing, everything. So much love and fantastic memories I’ve gained from this experience, even more I intend for next year’s MSoc to receive.

My interest in becoming part of the committee of MSoc stems not only from the desire to give back to the community, but more importantly, I feel that my life’s ventures have equipped me with skills and ideas that can be used to enhance the already magical MSoc experience for everyone.

I believe that being able to serve as a role model for others; together with the aptitude to respect everyone’s beliefs and decisions is what a committee member should have. Being a former prefect and senior prefect of my high school (GIS), I can say that I do possess such qualities. Moreover, I was also a senior student representative of my year group in GIS, whose role was to interact between representatives of other year groups along with the Head of Pastoral. Representing my year group and making compromises with teachers gave me not only the confidence but also the vigilance and wisdom to make big decisions. Additionally, I would like to stress that I am not afraid to take responsibility when things go wrong; if they do go wrong.

Being a prefect in GIS was not limited to being concerned with the welfare of younger students, part of our role was also to ensure the success of the annual charity fundraiser event in GIS, Mufti Day. Having witnessed the success of three consecutive Mufti Days, each better than the last, gives me confidence to say I am able to organize hugely successful events for MSoc. I believe that, with these experiences along with the fiery passion to strive for the best of MSoc, I will make a successful Committee Member.

As a Committee Member, I am interested in the welfare of the group and thus I propose the following plans for the society:

a)     Suggestion Forum (Offline/Online) for the Society –Having a forum means that everyone can have say in what is going on in the society, people could suggest events or changes in the MSoc system. The forum could be divided into sections so that communication would be orderly. Freshers can search for answers about life in Imperial from here. Plus, not everyone has Facebook.

b)     Enhancement of Inter-year buddy/helping hand systems – While I realize that there is an existing help system in MSoc, why not invoke a where seniors will be responsible for ‘parenting’ one or two freshers i.e helping them settle in. Seniors of all years are encouraged to part of this system.

c)      Internship, work related opportunities – some people may be interested in looking for a part time job or internship with some company (Banks, Manufacturing, etc) we could provide insight to those opportunities for those who want to know.

d)     More events before and after term starts – I would like to stress on the importance of bonding. Thus I propose that more icebreaking events should be planned. These include park trips, London exploration, more dinners in a larger variety of places, which would make the community bond easier.

All in all, it is difficult to express the pride and joy of being in MSoc on paper or any other medium. I can say without doubt that my time in MSoc has been largely the most fulfilling and fun times of my time in university. I want to be able to commit myself to such a wonderful establishment and see the contented smiles of everyone in the community. The desire to share that feeling with everyone is my main motivation in becoming a committee member.

If a man does his best, what else is there? – George Patton 1885-1945