Lee Jian Yuan

Full Name: Jian Yuan Lee

Course: 1st Year MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Post: Communications Secretary

Proposer: Han Sen Kuan. 2nd Year MSci Physics with Theoretical Physics.

Seconder: Lee Jia Sheng. 1st Year MEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


Joining the MNight production has got to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am glad that I was part of an amazing production that opens with rave reviews. MNight has given me the opportunity to experience new and interesting things I never thought I’d ever do. I learned many cool dance moves thanks to our talented choreographers. Whenever there’s a practice session, I treat it like a friend’s gathering and not something to be burden of. A lot of effort has been put into this production and I feel that I should contribute to MSoc and MNight in every way possible so that the level of awesomeness can be maintained or even increased.

I can shamelessly say that I am a technically inclined person. I am capable of building beautiful and user-friendly websites in a short period of time. For MNight 2012, I was given an opportunity to design the official website. I was given a limited time to perform the task. Ultimately, I designed and coded, from scratch, a working and functional website in about 4 hours. I am also proficient in electronics. During my free time, I would spend my time in the electrical labs, tinkering with the hot soldering iron and electrical components. I even have a mini lab in my room. When I am not doing those things, I would write thousands of lines of code while squashing bugs on the way.

In my opinion, the role of a communications secretary is crucial in day-to-day activities of MSoc. A communications secretary is responsible in the smoothness and promptness of communications between members of the society. I believe with my skill set, I am capable of building a platform in which information can be transmitted and received effectively.

My Proposals:
1) True member’s area on ICUMS.org. Only those who have paid for membership are able to log into this section. Members can post photos and discuss about anything. Selected photos can be displayed on various pages on our website.

2) A unified notification system. Whenever a newsletter or notice is sent via email, the exact same copy will be automagically posted on our Facebook group and vice versa. That way, members will less likely to miss them.

3) Online ticketing system for MNight. Every ticket issued can be uniquely identified by printing a barcode on them. Members can log into the system to update their ticket sales and make payments. In the management’s point of view, this will drastically reduce the amount of paperwork and manual data entry needed. With my knowledge in electronics, kiosk machines can be built to validate tickets upon entry and invalidate when the ticket bearer takes his/her food. No more punching holes on our pretty tickets!

I believe I am competent to take on the role of the communications secretary. I will contribute to the betterment of MSoc as well as contribute to the technical aspects of MNight in every way possible.

Thank you.