Low Yi Ting

Name: Low Yi Ting

Course: 1st year Materials Engineering

Post: Vice President

Run down post: Committee member

Proposer: Chong Zhi Xiong (3rd year Materials Engineering)

Seconder: Ng Huey Jeen (2nd year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)


As an A-levels leaver half a year ago, the idea of living in a new place far away from home is exciting as well as daunting. Joining Malaysian society makes me feel like I’m a member of a big family, a place where I find laughter and an opportunity to foster better relationships with the people I meet. My experience in Msoc for the past few months has surpassed my expectations towards this society. I have been looking forward to every single event organized by Msoc and Mnight is definitely the highlight of my short time here in Imperial. The satisfaction that I’ve gained and seeing the how the seniors work together to make the most out of the society inspires me to emulate them by giving back to the society and allow the freshers’ to go through the same exciting experiences as we did in the year to come.

So why choose me as vice president? My past experiences in leading projects and events during high school made me learn to manage time and people well. I’ve also gained experience in administrative work as an intern where I participated in companies’ meetings and had the chance to sift through documents to understand the inner workings of a company.

My passion towards dance has made me intrigued in applying for a position as a choreographer. During that period of time, despite the numerous challenges, I was able to overcome those obstacles through perseverance.

Essentially, I can ensure you that I will be able to fulfill the requirements as a VP and place my responsibility as top priority. I am aware of the trials and tribulations that come together with the title, but I am someone who will put in my utmost dedication in what I do. I believe that it is imperative to grab at opportunities and be innovative in creating new ideas for Msoc. If I am elected as VP, I promise you that I will do everything possible to make it an unforgettable one for everyone, within and outside of Imperial College.

I would like to suggest a few proposals for the benefit of the society as follows:

1: Enhancing and modifying the buddy system

I suggest each fresher to be paired up with seniors during fresher’s camp back in Malaysia so that seniors can help freshers to settle in while they first arrive in London at the airport. As we all know, travelling to a foreign country and settling in can be a very tiring experience. If time permits, an outing just to tour around London and meet new seniors/freshers will be greatly appreciated.  In addition, a follow up after buddy dinners to have more interactions between buddies will be better.

2: Liaison with other societies or other Malaysian society from different universities

Create joint activities with other societies to allow members to meet more people with different culture, as well as promoting our society.

3: A different approach to promote MNight

Apart from Mnight screening this year, I suggest we start to give an idea to freshers about what MNight is by playing previous trailers on iPad/Computers during Imperial’s fresher’s fair. This is to give them and idea about what Mnight is and what we do in Msoc to attract them and hopefully by this way we can recruit more freshers easily. When Mnight is nearer, besides giving out flyers in costumes and spreading links on Facebook, we can have a mini exhibition to promote our Mnight if time permits.

4: To provide a better ‘support system’ for both the freshers as well as the seniors

Besides taking care of the fresher’s welfare, I suggest we recruit top companies to give career talks to 3rd and 4th year seniors as they might need help about internships and jobs after graduating just like how freshers worry about how to settle down in London and what university life is.

By recruiting companies, we can propose to get sponsorship from them in order to fund our society.

Vote for me to experience the best Imperial Mnight!