Ngian Weichern

Name : Ngian Weichern

Post : Treasurer

Course : Mechanical Engineering (1st Year)

Proposer : Genna Gan (2nd Year Biology)

Seconded by : Justin Chan (2nd Year mechanical Engineering)

Run down position : Sports Secretary


Ever since being a part of the Malaysian Society, I have come to realise the significance of the society’s objectives in uniting Malaysians of different backgrounds and personalities, fostering new friendship and giving everyone a warm feeling, as this society gives a sense of belonging and a taste of home. In accomplishing these objectives, the committee of this society spearheaded many activities, dinners, and trips to various places. I came to realise that organizing all these events is no easy feat, especially on such a big scale, since the society comprises of more than 200 members. Hence, financial budgeting of events, and managing the in-flow and disbursement of funds is of paramount importance. The emphasis of financial planning really hit me during my involvement in the Malaysian Night 2012. Since this production is on such a large degree, a very meticulous budget has to be planned to maximise the profit of the production and to avoid this production to run under a loss.

Firstly, I am running for the treasurer post because I can contribute most to this society by undertaking this position, given my experience and abilities. I was the treasurer for the Leo Club for 3 consecutive years during my days in high school. My responsibilities included planning the budget for the fiscal year, managing the in-flow and out-flow of funds, maintaining accurate financial records, and advising the board of the club’s financial strength and weaknesses. Hence, I believe my duties were similar to what a treasurer of the Malaysian Society does. I am an extrovert and I carry a very outspoken attribute. Hence, I believe I have what it takes to communicate with sponsors and manage sponsorship, given my outspoken attribute.

A few suggestions for the next fiscal year includes organizing other profit making events such as organizing social functions or sports competitions. I believe that we should not solely rely on sponsors because it is not a reliable income and there are uncertainties involved. Also, these events would tighten the bonds between Malaysians across all years as well as involving those that are not participating in the Malaysian Night.

Secondly, it was suggested last year that the efficiency in money handling could be improved via online payments(eg. The union shop). However, this idea was not fully implemented. Many of the payments were still done by cash and this increases the risk of money being misplaced and also slows down the speed of money transfer. Hence, I would like to suggest online payments for all events including dinners, sport events, and even for Malaysian Night.

Last but not least, the way I see it, funds should not be skewed towards a certain event. I believe that all events are equally important in bringing members together such as the Malaysian Night and also weekly sports sessions. Funds should be allocated catering to member’s needs. After all, the welfare of the members is of utmost priority.

In a nutshell, I can handle the abundance of workload this position requires and I believe I have the confidence and skillset to undertake this task.