Quraisyia Talib

Name : Quraisyia Talib

Course : Aeronautical Engineering

Post : Ordinary Committee Member (Liaison Officer)

Proposer : Tai Yi Jet (Aeronautical Engineering, 4th Year)

Seconder : Tan Ying Fei Kayla (Aeronautical Engineering, 3rd Year)


We’ve come a long way, freshers, no? I could still remember my very first step to attaching myself to what would exhaustively define my university life – joining the Imperial College London Malaysian Freshers’ Facebook Page. That was way back in mid-2011. Everyone was fresh out of school/college/other pre-U institutions, still dreary from the A-Levels examinations, clueless about what was ahead of them in London, still hassling over the UK Visa checklist and lengthy forms to be filled, etc. We were complete strangers back then, without the slightest inkling of how our next few years would be like. And then BOOM! MNight came and went, and suddenly we are best friends. And all that happened in a mere 5 months. Phenomenal, is it not? Nope, but this is the magic that the Imperial College Union Malaysian Society had shown us all, how we can feel so much at home on foreign soil, in the company of warm and affable Malaysians. :p

I think all the freshers who have been involved (to any extent) with MSoc can safely say that the seniors have done their utmost to provide a unique and incredibly enjoyable experience any Imperial fresher could ever ask for. Not to mention that they have done a lot to lessen the burden of living ten thousand miles away from home, your comfy bed, and Mummy’s good food. From the Freshers’ Camp to various get together cosy dinners, theatre trips and the explosive MNight, they have worked really hard to make sure that we freshers can acclimatise to our alien surroundings and adapt to the completely new and severe Imperial workload/teaching methods. Now, it is time for us to ‘give back’ to our seniors. That said, I would like to run for the Ordinary Committee Member post, specifically as the Liaison Officer, in order to ‘give back’ to the seniors.

From the recent briefing on the roles and responsibilities of the MSoc Committee, conducted by the outgoing MSoc Committee members, I observed a lot of potential in the role of the Liaison Officer. From discussions with the outgoing Liaison Officer and President, I have been informed that there is not useful output from this post – hence this post is a mere sitting duck. Thus, I have outlined several ideas to ensure the effectiveness of this post.

1) The liaison officer should take up the responsibility of managing all ticket sales to other universities’ MNights/clubbing events/other events and vice versa. The President and Vice President have an incredible amount of work to do in managing the MSoc within the university, so in my opinion it is best to specifically appoint a person to be in charge of providing and receiving tickets to and from other universities.

2) The liaison officer should stand as the ICUMS representative to meetings, OGMs and dinners organised by (United Kingdom and Eire Commision) UKEC. This is by default the President’s and Vice President’s roles, but these functions are usually held during the weekends, thus making it virtually impossible to attend them, due to commitments to MNight practices.

3) The liaison officer should be in charge of promoting external events organised by other universities’ MSocs, internship programs by Malaysian corporate companies, UKEC events, etc. and vice versa.

I was involved in various co-curricular activities back in KYUEM, namely:

  • Yearbook Co-Editor
  • Concert Club Founder and President
  • Music Club Vice President
  • Writer for Veritas (College Magazine)

Hence, I have some substantial experience in drafting proposals, organising college events and chasing after deadlines. Furthermore, through these involvements, I have also picked up some invaluable skills such as time management skills, organisational skills, multi-tasking, teamwork and leadership, and making decisions. I hope my past experiences are sufficient enough to prepare myself for the intensity of the commitment demanded by MSoc. Coming from KYUEM itself, I have acquaintances with Malaysians from other universities all over the UK (Even Aberdeen, yes!) and also within the UKEC. Thus, having built an extensive network throughout the UK, this will facilitate my proposals as the Liaison Officer. The Constitution mentioned that the role of the Ordinary Committee Member is to assist and support the executive committee when help is needed. Therefore, I hope my ideas for this will be put into good use and will ease the burden shouldered by the executive committee, especially the President and Vice President. MSoc <3