Sarah Liau

Name : Sarah Liau Xian Huey

Course : Chemical Engineering

Post : President

Alternative Post: Committee Member

Proposer : Alia Johari (Biomedical Science, 2nd year )

Seconder : Amarandaas Kaluvan (Aeronautical Engineering, 2nd year)


MSoc. So many things come to my mind when you mention this 4-lettered word. Sincerity. Dedication. Teh tarik. MSoc has somehow settled itself in a nice comfortable spot in my heart, despite me being slow to warm up to it. To me, MSoc is no longer just a society, it’s family. Regardless of what year or which course we’re doing, I believe that all of us are bound to have felt the same way, at one point or another. At the end of the day, we are humans, and we need support, be it from our family or our peers. To quote John Donne, no man is an island. So, this is my vision for MSoc – to be an oasis for its members, a place where they can feel at home, and know that there is always someone behind them, backing them up. In short, my direction for MSoc next year would be to emphasize on the welfare of its members, in accordance with the objectives of MSoc as written in the constitution.

Then you might ask, why do I want to be President? Well, I’ve always been someone who commits to something once I’ve set my mind on doing it. Passion is my driving force, since I now know that MSoc is where my passion lies, I would love to be given a chance to steer this ship. I constantly hear people saying that their university days were the best days of their lives. As president, I want to make that happen for the members of MSoc.

So here’s the million dollar question everyone will ask, what do I have in mind for MSoc for the next year? With the excellent job performed by the committee of 10/11, I aim to not only uphold the high standards set by them, but to also carry out some improvements that I feel can be made.

From my personal experience, the buddy system has played an integral part in making me feel at home here in London. However, whilst it has successfully enabled the freshers and their 2nd year buddies to get to know one another better, most of us freshers still do not know many of the super seniors (3rd year and beyond), due to gaps in the existing system and general lack of interaction. Hence, I would like to propose for the existing buddy system to be extended or maybe even amended, so that it could also be used to bring the members in the same department together, enabling the juniors to get to know their departmental seniors, besides providing more opportunities for members of  MSoc of all years to get to know each other better.

And for me, MSoc isn’t exclusively here for those who have a Malaysian passport. I feel that it should be also for those have or want to have connections to Malaysia. The British-born Malaysians, those who have stayed in Malaysia for some time, or even for those who just love us Malaysians and want to hang out with us, MSoc should place more emphasis on catering to them as well.

On a different note, a problem I’ve noticed that a lot of us, be it freshers or seniors, were facing, was that we have no inkling of what kind of career we want to pursue after graduation. And even for those who do, many do not have a strong idea about how the industry is really like. My proposal to ameliorate this situation would be to organize casual meet-up sessions between the members who are interested in a career in a certain field and alumni who are already working in the aforementioned fields. The alumni would then be able to clears the doubts of the students, giving them an insight to what it would be like in the working field. Besides, the alumni would also be able to give precious advice to us students, having gone through exactly what we’re going through now years ago.

I can say very certainly that I have a passion for MSoc, which will drive me to achieve the best that I can for this society. Being the kind of person who holds on strongly to her words, you can rest assured that I will give in my all to bring MSoc to new heights. If you give me a chance to prove myself to you, I will do my best and even more, to justify your trust in me.