Tan Qi Hui

Full Name – Qi Hui Tan

Course – Biochemistry

Post – President

Proposer – Xin Ning Chua , Mathematics, 3rd Year

Seconder – Zhi Xiong Chong , Materials with Nuclear Engineering, 3rd Year

Choice of alternative run-down posts – Vice President, Committee Member



Every Malaysian in the United Kingdom has definitely heard about Imperial’s Malaysian Society. After all, it is one of the largest of its kind in the UK. To say that Imperial MSoc unites Malaysians in Imperial, and spreads the Malaysian culture would not do it any justice. In fact, I believe we have a much greater influence on every Malaysian in the UK. The annual sky trip not only involves Imperial students but brings together Malaysians from other university too. And then there is Malaysian Night, our flagship event.

Malaysian Night was something that I looked forward the most when I first joined Malaysian Society as it was always the subject of seniors and friends (even my brothers). Without a doubt, I really enjoyed myself throughout all the practices that we have been through for the past 5 months. Our hard work and sweat paid off with 2 nights of performances. Suddenly, my Wednesdays and weekends were so free and life felt so empty. The up and downs we went through definitely strengthened our bonds together with seniors and freshers. All I can think about is the people from Mnight and I really wish to spend time with them again! I want to reunite everyone so we can work together for MSoc! MSoc was the place where we all first knew each other, it was our starting point.

It was then that I realised how important MSoc was to me. It was then that I realised we could lead it to greater heights.

My past experience as President of Guidance and Counselling Unit, Secretary of Youth Cadet, Captain of Sport’s House and a Prefect in KTJ gave me the necessary leadership skills to work towards the best of MSoc. Teamwork and communication with the committee members are equally important as I believe nothing can be achieved without trust and support from the committee members. Not forgetting about determination and passion for the job as I realised how tough this job can be. However, I believe I will be able to overcome any obstacles! Trust me, if I want something to be done, I will get it done.

These are some of my thoughts for MSoc and I will try my best to achieve:

1.     Continue mainstay activities

I will continue mainstay activities such as dinners, potlucks and theatre trips because they were all very successful. I am sure everyone enjoyed it very much thanks to the committee members who organised them. Day trips out of London just to rest our minds are good ideas too.


2.     Activities which involves other Malaysian Societies

Join activities with MSoc of UCL, LSE etc for Malaysian Cultural Ball. This could increase member’s networking with Malaysians of other MSoc.


3.     Increase membership

I hope to increase more membership and ensure nobody is marginalised in the society.

Further, I am of the opinion that non-Malaysians are more than welcome to join the society and its activities. It will not only provide better revenue base but also diversity of opinions.


4.     More ice-breaking sessions

This should be held at the start of the term in October to get freshers more familiar with MSoc, seniors and Imperial too! I felt it really helped the freshers especially those who never went for Fresher’s Camp in Malaysia.


5.     More involvement of activities with other societies

I thought ‘Singaporean VS Malaysian – Who boleh?’ was very successful. I would love to work with other societies such as Brunei Soc and Japan Soc. I am sure more ideas would come if we are able to collaborate. Not only we get to have fun together, there will also be exchange of culture.


6.     Buddy system with more activities

Having buddy competitions which involves 3rd and 4th years will be interesting. For example, test to know how well you understand your buddies like a mini games session. I am sure it will be quite entertaining for the seniors as well.


Having said all that, I am more than willing to lend an ear to the members and take their ideas into account. I am willing to give it my all for the sake of MSoc which we all love so much. We will never know how far our capabilities can reach. I believe with passion and determination I will be able to achieve our goals, bringing out the best of MSoc together.