Tan Yan Li

Full Name: Yan Li Tan

Course: Biomedical science (1st year)

Post: Secretary

Proposer (Name and Course and Year): Joyce Eng, 3rd year Biotechnology

Seconder (Name and Course and Year): Chi Han Chong, 2nd year Physics


Joining Imperial College Union Malaysian Society gave me many opportunities to be part of something that is bigger than just earning a good degree. From Fresher Camp to Mnight, I got to know and love its close-knitted community. And those events helped me overcome my initial fears that I would not be able to adapt to the new environment, let alone endure my first term in my university. While taking part in Mnight, I find myself always energised because I was passionate about what I was doing—I never did realise how quick time flies by during long hours of practices. As I tasted the success of Mnight as the fruit of labour of everyone especially those in the committee, I decided to become part of the ICUMS committee so that I can, like the committee before me, contribute my strengths and my best ability to work with others with a dedication to bring ICUMS forward.

My plan for MSoc

  1.  Advocate transparency of the society through methods such as putting up the summarized version of meeting minutes. This ensures that every member is aware of what the committee does.
  2. Organise more events for everyone, including those who are not involved in Mnight

My past experience:

1. President, Chinese Society of SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (2)

  • Managed a committee of 10 which organised events for the members of the Chinese society as well as the students of SMK BUD (2)
  • Time management, leadership and decision making are required to run the society successfully
  • Efforts was acknowledged when the Chinese Society was selected as the most active club in school in 2009


2. Student Reporter for local newspaper (Sin Chew Daily)

  • Collaborated with student reporters of different schools to organise activities for secondary school students on a national level
  • Served as a student  representative for my school within the reporters’ community
  • Wrote articles covering a range of topics for Cahaya Sin Chew, a weekly magazine under Sin Chew Daily for secondary school students
  • Managed to hone my communication skills, writing skills, time management and leadership throughout my tenure as a student reporter


3.       Form 5 representative for Badminton Club

  • Aided the treasurer in managing the funds for the society


4.       School Prefect

  • Maintained school discipline
  • Ensured that school events run smoothly


5.       Member of HELP University College United Nation club – WHO division

  • Help organise various activities such as blood donation drive, charity show and visit to old folks home

Besides, I am a disciplined person and I also like to keep things organised. I believe team work divides our task but multiplies our success. In spite of my past experiences and promises, I am fully aware that action speaks louder than words. Thus, all I ask from all of you is the opportunity to prove that I can be a pillar of strength in bringing ICUMS to greater heights.

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