Tan Yaw Bia

Name: Tan Yaw Bia

Post:  Treasurer

Course: Biotechnology (1st year)

Proposer: Lee Wen Yao (4th year Aeronautical Engineering)

Seconded by: Nur Shafieza Riwayat (1st year Mechanical Engineering)

Run down Position: Committee member



I believe most of us would talk or describe about how much they love Malaysian Society and Malaysian Night and how this inspired them to run for the next committee members to contribute more for the society. I would like to offer my ability, time and energy to grab as much sponsorships as possible for more investments on different events that will be beneficial to the members of the society.

I have always been interested in money management, marketing and business strategy although they are really irrelevant to the course that I am studying right now. Therefore, I would love to grab this opportunity to learn and improve these skills. I might not have the experience on managing the money and looking for sponsorships but I am always ready to accept any challenges including taking any risks. My previous experience on leading the marching band as a Drum Major and organising events on environmental issues as a Interact Club Director moulded me into a discipline, responsible and committed person as well. This will definitely help me in making the best decision on managing the finance flow of the society.


1. Increase the scale and quality (or even quantity) of the events by increasing the fund of the society.

Malaysian Night:

  1. Cutting down unnecessary expenses. Purchase the right materials from reliable source needed for the plans and focus on the preservation of the tools ( like brushes for painting the props and stationery). Avoid to get fined if possible.  I believe this will lower down percentage of the expenses on the miscellaneous. This will increase our profit.
  2. Get more sponsorship for food during our events (preferably more halal and vegetarian food options, as I know that sometimes Muslims and vegetarian Hindus can feel left out!) Not only will this create a bigger diversity during our events, we will also save a lot more money, and make more profits!
    I will also try to get more (Malaysian and International) restaurants to give discounts to our society members, particularly those that have halal and vegetarian menus.
  3. Renting out stuffs like piano, professional dance flooring (or maybe morph suits if they don’t mind our sweat smell) and some reusable props.


Carnival (Based on Malaysian Culture or any theme)

Chance to earn extra money for the society by selling food and games

Benefits: Promote Malaysian culture and food. Foster relationships and teamwork between members.

2. Increase the efficiency of finance management

– Setting up a systematic website (or even application if possible) connecting to the bank and datelines to encourage online payments to Malaysian Society. This will increase the efficiency of managing the money. No delay and confusion on the amount of money received. Without involving cash payment might reduce the risk of losing money.

3. Some money could be allocated for rewarding the members on the achievement of sports and perhaps academic, eg. Certificates. (I remember Sheela once told me that. Not sure if I remember that correctly.)

4. Charity. Raise fund and help the poor and needs. This helps to contribute to the fame of the society. This will increase our range of sponsorships.

I believe action walks the talk. So vote me and let me prove what I can contribute for the society and members. Perhaps, if I’m kind enough, we would get proper condensed milk in the teh tarik (or maybe Milo) for all of you but you will only find out if you vote me for treasurer!