Xavier Chee

Name: Xavier Chee Wezen

Course Name : Chemistry, 1st Year

Post: Secretary

Proposer: Carol Ann Cheah, Biomedical Engineering, 1st Year

Seconder: Clayton Qwah Kai Shek, Physics, 1st Year


My manifesto ? None.

I am not going to make promises  on things that may not be fulfilled. I will not make nor suggest ideas that may not be turned into reality. There is no such thing as ‘my manifesto’, there’s only ‘our manifesto’.

You see, a secretary’s job is not to push for his own agenda, nor his own ideas on what should be done and what should not be. That’s the president’s and vice-president’s job.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that the person elected as a secretary will put his heart and passion; commitment and dedication into the president’s vision and to assist him/her to the best of the ability to make an effective executive team for all.

It was never about what I think it’s best, it has always been, and will always be about what the Malaysian Society needs, what all of us requires.

Past Experience:

  • 3 Years as monitor and 3 years as Head Prefect in primary school
  •  Participated in Boys’ Brigade for 6 years:
    1. was the senior sergeant in the company (youngest sergeant appointed)
    2. was the section leader for trumpet section in band
    3. was the Badge Class Organizer for Martial Arts (Taekwondo) and Community Service
    4. achieved Black Tip in Taekwondo
    5. Platoon NCO Council Secretary for 2 years
    6. Company NCO Council Secretary for 2 years (post held concurrently as above)
    7. act as helper for other BB companies serving in the Junior Section while away from original company
    8. state level training coach for Basic  Non-Commissioned Officer (NCOs) training school (youngest coach appointed by State Training Council)
  • Participated in Toastmasters International for 2 years:
    1. was the Sergeant-At-Arms for Club
    2. was the First Runner Up for Division Level International Speech Contest
    3. achieved Competent Communicator Award
  • Participated in Debate Competition (made it to State Level) and Public Speaking Competition (Second Runner Up) for Sarawak State Level while in Secondary School
  • Was the secretary for the School Magazine Editorial Board
  • Was the President of the Public Speaking and Debate Club
  • Was the President of the Board of Monitors (Lower forms)
  • Was the Exco member of the Board of Librarians (Higher forms)
  •  Was the team leader for Sarawak State Talent Show competition in the National Young Readers Convention and emerged as the overall champion
  •  Part of the Imperial Rector’s Ambassador’s team. Responsbilities include:
    1) Leading tour groups around College campus
    2) Representing College in Students’ Events
    3) Teaching in ReachOut Lab as part of the initiative of School Outreach and Public Engagememt program for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • Member of Imperial College Investment Club (ICIC)
  • Achieved UK National Level 2 Community Sports Leadership Award
  • Currently the Secretary of the Boys’ Brigade Alumni Society