Christine Ong Sing Ying

Full name: Christine Ong Sing Ying

Course: 1st year BSci Mathematics

Post: Communication Secretary

Proposer: Lee Jian Yuan, 2nd year MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Seconder: Ee Wui Yang, 3rd year MEng Civil & Environmental Engineering


”Laughter”,”Food”,”Home” are the first 3 words that came into my mind when I think of Msoc.

Thanks to the busy schedules the producer planned for Mnight 2013, my first year in Imperial was so packed with activities. It’s always Mnight practices or courseworks. there is not a single time that I felt lonely or homesick. I was actively participating in dances during this Mnight, but I am keen in some jobs that happen behind the scene of such a grand scale event, like the lightings, sound system, posters, photography and trailer making.

I had have related experience as a marketing director in my previous college, which the jobs scope includes managing the Interact Club blog, designing posters, videos, being the photographer, sending out mailing list etc, very much similar to that of a communication secretary’s role. Lastly, I really enjoyed my job, and I believe that my past experiences and strong interest will allow me become a better communication secretary or at least on par as the previous communication secretary.

A communication secretary plays a significant part in ensuring the smooth running of the society. The communication secretary acts as a bridge of communication within the society, and between the society and the externals. I am confident that I have the right skills to build a strong bridge of communication for the society that I cared for.

My Proposal:

  • Although we have a very nice website (, I feel that it is not well-utilized at the moment.

    • Instead of wasting such a good platform, I proposed that all msoc related matters (tickets bookings, Chinese New Year dinner) should be dealt with on its website instead of Facebook pages.

    • Besides that, the website can contain useful PDF files regarding life in London, visa applications etc which can be easily downloaded by freshers.

    • Creating a forum, as a platform for members or freshers to carry out discussion.

    • More photos could have been uploaded on the website to showcase our events and how exciting and happening the club is.

    • The website can also serve as a tool to promote memberships.

  • To continue the ticketing system set up by Jian Yuan which was proven to be really useful and effective.

  • Creating a smartphone app for members to keep up to date on what’s going on in the society.

Home: Is where you are happy, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be other than here, Msoc.