Dennis Choo Rui Xian

Name: Dennis Choo Rui Xian

Course: Chemical Engineering, 1st Year

Post: Secretary

Proposer: Sarah Tan Yann Jia (Chemical Engineering, 2nd Year)

Seconder: Sheela Ratnam (Physics, 3rd Year)



Who knew university life could be this exciting? And yes, I really do mean it.

University is often regarded as one of the toughest, but best years in life. Countless times I’ve pondered on how life in Imperial would be like – on whether it would plainly revolve around books and studying. This was the case, until Malaysian Society came into the picture. MSoc gave me that extra flavour to my university life, one which isn’t merely about obtaining a degree. The lunch outings, sports events, theatre trips and of course, the ever-amazing MNight production developed new friendships within my peers and with seniors alike, who eventually, became my family – my family away from home. With so much that MSoc has given to me, it’s only fair that I give it all (and much more) back.

An effective committee is the key element in producing these memorable experiences for freshers, and I believe that I possess the right qualities of being part of that team. As secretary, I want to assist the president and the rest of the committee in organising and planning out the various activities for MSoc, besides merely handling the administrative side of the society.

I have been the secretary for my church’s youth group for 2 years, of which my duties involved recording meeting minutes, producing detailed event reports, updating members’ profile database, and arranging weekly schedules. Being a detailed and meticulous person, I strive to ensure perfection in every task assigned. Thus, I believe that the responsibilities of the secretary of MSoc are somewhat similar to those of which I’ve done previously. I am also aware of the several other secretarial tasks of which might be foreign to me but nonetheless, I am excited to discover and learn new challenges!

Being secretary and part of the MSoc committee, these are a few ideas I wish to contribute to the society:


  1. Greater feedback and response from the committee. By setting up an online form for members, they can provide any necessary feedback to the committee, be it positive or negative. The committee will then be able to discuss the details with the respective member and thus, preventing any public dissatisfaction amongst the members. Communication between both parties can be greatly improved and misunderstandings on certain issues can also be resolved.
  2. A more organised and systematic flow of the society’s finances. This issue will be specifically targeted towards the sales of MNight tickets. The current process of distributing and collecting MNight tickets had some minor glitches in terms of efficiency and I want to look into ways of improving this system. A possibly more effective method of keeping track of the inflow and outflow of cash would be by initially informing the freshers of the quota of the number of tickets that each of them has to sell, without distributing tickets to them. Each member will then be allowed to respectively collect their desired amount of tickets from a person-in-charge and paying him/her the total amount on the spot. This approach will eliminate ticket/cash exchanges between members and hopefully, will simplify the overall process. In addition to that, a prize can also be offered to the fresher who is able to sell the highest number of tickets, thus fostering friendly competition between peers.
  3. Continue to uphold the various successful events, such as potlucks, theatre trips, and ‘Who Boleh?’. And hey, why not improve them? Picnics in Hyde Park, an Easter retreat to Paris, inter-buddy eating competitions… The possibilities are endless!

In a nutshell, I believe that I possess the required passion and commitment to contribute to MSoc whole-heartedly. With the combined effort of each member, I trust that we can continuously achieve wonders for our society!