Emmilyn Yeoh

Name: Emmilyn Yeoh

Course: Materials Science and Engineering

Post: Vice President

Proposer: Chua Ray-Men, 3rd Year Mathematics

Seconder: Lee Jia Sheng, 2nd Year Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Run Down Position: Ordinary Committee Member


Malaysian Night-something I’ve heard even before I stepped foot into Imperial. Although completely oblivious to it, my senior from college assured me it would be a worthwhile experience: ‘It’ll be fun, trust me.’ I was initially skeptical, but for someone like me, I’m the kind who likes to explore, find out and then make up my mind. After 5 months of discovering and exploring, I can safely say I have no regrets, and that through MNight, MSoc is the epitome of family and home in a new place. Whether it was small things such as Malaysian accents or the big trips to the Wicked and the Phantom of the Opera, it served to recreate a “second Malaysia”. It was heartwarming to watch one of the last MNight practices where it reiterated not only how hard everyone had worked for MNight, but also the fact that despite our differences, we still gave each other constant support. Things will always come to an end, yes it was emotional, but every ending marks a new beginning. That was when I decided that this has became a part of me, I not only want to do this again but I yearn for the chance to share what I’ve experienced and bring the same joy to others like how MNight has brought upon me.

So what qualifies me to be the best VP for MSoc for 2013-2014? A VP is someone who, apart from the obvious role as producer for MNight, serves as a link between the president and fellow committee members to ensure that members’ interests are met.

There is always a first in everything. Although I have minimal experience in producing a show, neither did Jin Wern, but that did not stop him from producing an excellent MNight. In that regard, one must have zeal, fervour and extreme dedication to transform a group of freshers into the heart and soul of a production. It is these very same qualities that I possess which have been honed through my past experiences. What I’ve gathered from organising career fairs back in high school will definitely aid me in producing the stand out overseas society performance at Imperial.

As vital constituents of the society, it is imperative that the Malaysian society involves, and revolves around, the members. If voted in, I would implement the following measures:-

1. Ice breaker sessions outside MNight rehearsals- A few fun and relaxing sessions in the first few months involving pool and card games, amongst others.

2. Organising more events with SingSoc- I believe Singaporeans and Malaysians are very much similar and everyone enjoyed the short ‘Who Boleh’ session this year. More events would mean more interaction to make more friends, so why not?

3. Taster sessions for dance performances- Freshers who are new to dances are usually skeptical. Few taster sessions might be their breakthrough. This can give the freshers a rough idea of the real thing and hopefully change their minds to increase participation.

4. Bonding sessions with the other universities- Events like ‘The Amazing Race’ can be organised between universities like UCL, LSE etc to broaden our social circle.

In motivating people, you’ve got to engage their minds and their hearts to further the collective cause. I have the ideas; I have the vision. More importantly, I have the drive. Your support could be the difference between a good Malaysian Society, and a great one.