En Lin Goh

Name: En Lin Goh

Course: 1st Year Medicine

Post: President

Alternative Post: None

Proposer: Weichern Ngian (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder: Jin Wern Low (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)


No one escapes Polis Diraja Malaysia.

That line succinctly encompasses my experience and perspective of Malaysian Society this year. On a superficial level, it reminds me of my role as policeman in this year’s MNight, which has left me with PostMNight Syndrome, a collection of fond memories and a group of friends whom I gladly call family. On a deeper level, it represents my view of what Malaysian Society stands for – it is our home away from home, something that will not abandon you in times of trouble, sadness and homesickness. No one escapes. No one is forgotten.

To be completely honest, when I heard about freshers’ camp last summer, I was slightly apprehensive. Being educated in UK for the past 4 years, I wouldn’t know anyone at the camp. What if no one spoke to me? Or what if I didn’t fit in? Bracing myself, I decided to bite the bullet and attend, and I have not looked back since.

Tessie Naranjo once said, “It’s the most precious thing… to know where you belong”. Now, less than a year after camp, I can genuinely say that I know where I belong.

It would be an honour to be given the chance to serve the society as President, to do what the seniors have amazingly done for me and should this honour be bestowed on me, I promise to lead this society and the talents that it possesses to greater heights.

My vision is to:

  • Establish MSoc as a society that is a sanctuary for Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike
  • Heighten the image and prestige of MSoc to the public

I aim to achieve this by:

  1. Improving participation of 3rd and 4th years

    I aim to continue Sports Day, which was successful in involving many 3rd and 4th years.

  2. Integrating freshers into MSoc

    I would like to expand the scope of the buddy scheme. Currently, each senior is allocated 2 juniors and I propose having larger groups with a higher junior to senior ratio. This makes it more effective for the seniors and juniors to interact with one another, as it allows them to meet more people in a shorter time, whilst enhancing the group dynamic further. We were also given a pre-departure briefing during the pre-departure camp, which helped us prepare for university life. However, there was still a large number of freshers who were unable to make it for the camp and I propose organising another pre-departure briefing on a different date to target these freshers.

  3. Pioneering events that will attract people from different nationalities, background and races to promote MSoc to non-Malaysians

    The fair was one of the events that showcased the Malaysian culture to the public. I trust that turn out can be improved by modifying it to be a food fair. This attracts more interest because everyone loves food! If possible, it would be ideal to collaborate with the Singaporean society and other international societies to increase publicity and improve relations between countries.

I am running for this role because I believe that I am up for the challenge. In the past, I have taken on leadership positions in my college such as being Head Boy, president of the Malaysian Society and president of Christian Union. Whilst recognising that these roles may be completely different from what may lie ahead, I am confident that they have taught me to adjust and adapt to difficult and trying situations. If elected, there will be a steep learning curve ahead, but I strongly believe that with a dedicated and capable committee and society, nothing is impossible.

A wise man once said, ‘Passion is the genesis of genius’. Whilst I cannot claim to be the funniest, the smartest, the fastest or the greatest, I humbly present my passion for the society – for our home away from home. Because no one escapes Polis Diraja Malaysia!