Eunice Chen Yian Lu

Name: Eunice Chen Yian Lu

Course: Physics With Theoretical Physics (1st year)

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Tan Qi Hui (Biochemistry, 2nd year)

Seconder: Kyle Hellemans (Chemical Engineering, 2nd year)


University life is the stage of life where most people get excited about. It is the time when you learn how to face challenges and be independent, especially to those who will be studying abroad for the first time in their lives.

I have been in the UK for at least 2 years now and thus, I am fully aware of how difficult it is to adapt to the new environment and make new friends with people of different culture and background. I realized how difficult life without fellow Malaysians can be and started to understand the differences that can be made with the presence of Imperial’s Malaysian Society in one’s life. That is why I want to be a committee member of the Malaysian Society and make a difference in the members’ university lives.

The Malaysian Society has made a great impact in my university life. The members were all bonded through various means, potluck, theatre trips, sports, etc. The Malaysian Night 2013 was of course the main factor of all. With all of these past experiences, I know what it takes to feel belonged in a foreign land. Hence, I want to contribute to the Malaysian Society as a committee member, to make the members feel home, to make them feel welcome and most of all, to make a positive impact on their lives in the UK.

For that, I propose the following ideas:

  1. To improve the buddy system
  • Within the buddy system, there will an inter-buddy competition throughout the first and second term. The winner buddy group will be rewarded. This is to encourage more interaction among the buddies and to increase the participation of the 3rd and 4th year seniors.
  • A buddy group consists of the members from 1st year to 4th year. This buddy group competes as a team in various competitions. (1st years have their 2nd year buddies, so does 2nd years with their 3rd year buddies and so on. They are linked up to form a buddy group)
  1. To organize some outdoor activities like laser tag, ice-skating, bowling etc depending on what the members would like to have.

Coming to Imperial does not mean studying 24 hours everyday. So, I think these ‘outdoor’ activities can help them de-stress and have fun at the same time. And what more, going out with a bunch of friends is always fun.

  1. To organize trips to nearby European countries or within the UK

Flying 7030.97 miles from Malaysia to the UK and end up graduating without knowing much about UK and Europe out of London is certainly a waste. Therefore, I think this will be a good chance for members to travel and explore.


Aside from the ideas proposed, the current activities such as potlucks and theatre trips will be retained as members enjoy themselves through these activities and hence being deemed as one of the successful activities held by the Malaysian Society.

One might ask if I am capable or reliable enough to do the job. I was previously a concert master and conductor for my secondary school wind band/marching band, a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Navy Petty Officer, a Badminton Girls’ Captain for my sixth form college badminton team and a prefect in my boarding house. All of these roles require me to have teamwork, organizational skills, leadership skills, time management skills and most importantly communication skills. Adding onto that, with the passion that I have for the Malaysian Society, I have the confidence to say that I will be able to handle the job well. So please vote for me!