Hui Jing Chuah

Full Name: Hui Jing Chuah

Course: Mathematics

Post: Secretary

Proposer:  Nigel Sim (4th Year Bioengineering)

Seconder:  Yi Ting Low (2nd Year Materials Science and Engineering)
Choice of Alternative Run-down Posts:



Having studied in London for the past two and a half years, I have never felt a community as strong as the Malaysian Society.  To me, the Malaysian society is like an extended family and it has made me realise the importance of having a close-knit community where everyone comes from the same place and craves the same food.  It has also provided me with countless opportunities to meet and make new friends, some of whom have consequently become my very close friends here.  As for Malaysian Night, I would never have imagined myself to be able to take part in such a major and successful event.  These will certainly be the memories that I will treasure for life.  Hence, it would be an honour to be able to serve the society next year.


So, it comes down to the main question – why me? I feel that I have what it takes for the job.  I believe that this is a vital role in making Msoc run smoothly and I feel that I can play my part in it.  I am very organised and I always get things done as efficiently as possible when it comes to tasks.  I am also very open to criticism and I am ready to take on board new ideas, which will allow me to work with others and most importantly, learn from my peers.  I am also committed and responsible – I am ready to put as much effort as possible into my job.  I was one of the organising committee members who organised my school’s yearly prom in Malaysia.  I was in charge of the booking of the venue and also helped in price negotiating.


What I will do if I am elected?

  • Proof read and provide up-to-date newsletters and/or summarised minutes of meetings to keep all the members informed about the upcoming/current/past events.  I will work with the communication secretary to set up a blog-like updates of past events on the website so that members can write in their comments/opinions on it (can be made anonymous).
  • I will make sure I am always approachable, by email or in person, and also most importantly, make sure that suggestions and criticisms are to be made transparent in order to carry out improvements and amend any mistakes.  I can do this by sending out feedback forms/emails to all members so that their feedbacks can be taken into account before any OGM.
  • I will implement a proper audit of all the assets that Msoc has and keep an inventory list so that any lost assets can be tracked easily so as to avoid any confusions (especially for MNight).
  • I realise that it is almost end of the academic year and we have yet to receive our membership cards which enable members to obtain restaurant discounts.  I hope to be able to improve on this and also ensure an earlier distribution of membership cards next year.
  • I will make sure that all freshers are given a handbook to help them settle in.
  • I will ensure that room bookings are made as early as possible (for MNight practices or meetings).
  • I will work with the treasurer to come up with a sponsorship proposal and provide a yearly report to our sponsors in order to outline what we have done with their money.
  • Lastly, I will get to know the key people in the union for future correspondences.


What have I done in the past?

  • I was Head of boarding house in my school here in London.  This has enabled me to learn to take the initiative in communicating with people.  I held 2-3 meetings per term and also sent in meeting minutes.  I was also in the organising committee of the Boarders’ Concert in which I had to ensure the smooth running of the event (i.e. making sure the event starts on time, performers are ready, ticket sales and etc.).


Finally, I believe that with my passion and past experiences, I will be able to live up to the standards of the society, bring it to greater heights and ensure its smooth-running.