Jason Ng Chet Sing

Name: Jason Ng Chet Sing

Course: 1st year Medicine

Post: Vice President

Proposer: Clayton Qwah Kai Shek (2nd year Physics with Theoretical Physics)

Seconder: Ken Ho Weixing (2nd Year Medicine)


For those of you who don’t know me, I was the clown in the purple suit during MNight, a.k.a. Soo Junior. However, my plans and vision for the society are no joke, and I plan to carry them out to the best of my ability. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Goals :

  • Ensure that the Mnight Production Crew consists of dedicated members by providing them clear direction and explaining the various responsibilities that come with the position. I will make sure that the crew members have clearly defined job scopes so that they will be aware of their respective roles and duties they have to accomplish.
  • Set up a page on the ICUMS website, specifically for the production of MNight which will include a timeline and the schedule for practices. With enough support, forums could be set up to discuss MNight proceedings as well as other topics. By doing so, I would like to create a web community with the website as a platform.
  • Set up an anonymous suggestion box on the ICUMS website which will be reviewed frequently. This will not just be used for Welfare, but also for event suggestions, current event improvements and critique. I will employ an open door policy where any suggestion or opinion will be considered, unless it is spam, or Rick Rolls. I hate Rick Rolls. Like, seriously, HATE.  ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
  • Malaysian Fair has a lot of potential to be bigger and better, and I would propose changing its name to the Malaysian Fest just because it sounds more fun. (`・ω・´)”
  • For the members not in MNight, they would be able to involve themselves with MFest regardless of year, as it would require a different set of skills, which are less performance-based. However, Mnight performers are also welcome to help and these activities are not mutually exclusive. Hopefully, when this is carried out, there will be a stronger bond within the society, rather than just the MNight members. This will also provide an opportunity for us to make people aware that Malaysian culture is more than just about food. I will further elaborate on my ideas for MFest in my presentation.
  • Be accessible to the freshers and help them via the facebook support group, even the ones that talk about spandex. I also plan to increase MNight and MFest participation through promotion during Fresher’s Camp and the fair as well. We could place booklets of past MNight at the booth during the fair and play videos of our productions. In short, show them what we got, and dare them to do better!


  • Involve all seniors who are interested in participating in the buddy system, creating more of a family system. This would mean an overall larger group of juniors to senior group, which would make it easier to know more people in a shorter amount of time. I think the buddy system is a great one, and is worth refining. Events could be held between families, such as dinners or friendly competitions. ^^
  • Successful events such as theatre trips and dinners will be increased and I would also like to incorporate events that explore more of London and its culture. For example, Borough market, the British museum and good places to eat.
  • I would also like to hold inter-society trips and events, which would help the members interact with other students as well as strengthen the bond between societies. By improving communication with the International Societies Committee, I plan to make it easier to hold such events.

I believe that the success of any society hinges on the members involved, rather than the people in charge. Because of that, my main focus and goal in running for Vice President would be unity. I have made my manifesto as clear and concise as possible, and I will further elaborate on these points in my speech.


Choice of alternative run-down posts: None