Joanna Wong Kae Ling

Full name: Joanna Wong Kae Ling
Course: Medicine
Post: Vice President
Proposer: Joshua Tay Soon Seng, Biomedical Engineering, 4th year
Seconder: Foo Meng Seong, Chemical Engineering, 2nd year
Choice of alternative run-down posts: none
Reserved manifestos: none


“Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr Creedy. And ideas are bulletproof” – V for Vendetta

An idea is the brainchild of someone’s thoughts;
a seed unsprouted,
the precursor of a potential result,
the expression of your own being.

I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of an idea as ideas are the product of one’s mind, thoughts and feelings. An idea is not physical, but paradoxically, bulletproof, for you cannot harm or remove something that does not yet exist. And this, is the strength and power an idea can possess. The beauty of an idea is in its conception – from nothing, it becomes tangible and real.

How does this relate at all, to my running for Vice President of the Malaysian Society?

A leader as I know should have ideas. What exactly do I mean by ideas? Ideas encompass action plans, outlines, solutions, purpose, and vision. In my time of being the Editor-in-chief of my school magazine, I learned to be a leader humble to authority and determined the direction and aspirations of the magazine, utilising and considering my sources and members. Through this, I learned team management skills and created deadlines for everything. The magazine was a production that was conceptualised out of mere ideas.

I know what it’s like to produce something, and the feeling is amazing – almost like giving birth. It is one of the main reasons why I am running for this position.

The journey in becoming a King’s Scout was a precious experience – being a leader taught me to deal with juniors as I learned to lead by example and by actions. The tricky thing however about being a leader in the Scouting movement was that there had to be a good balance of being strict but fun at the same time. Not just that, in order to maintain top quality Scouting, we had to train our juniors to lead in the future. This I feel is important in being a leader, as an important trait in a leader is to create leaders, not followers.

But why the Vice President post?

I have a great passion for productions. I love what I’m studying (medicine), but my heart lies in the arts as well. I absolutely enjoy watching multitudes of dance videos, analysing how soundtracks are incorporated in movies thus creating emotion in people, scrutinising plays and the technicalities of it and understanding videography and cinematography. I’ve had the privilege of being both an actor and dancer in MNight 2013 and being involved in school and church productions, which I believe have given me great insight into what it takes to produce a successful MNight. Having this sort of experience and knowledge in productions, I believe I can improve the quality of MNight 2014.

My main motivation for running for this role is simply because I have a huge heart for MSoc. To quote Ian Philpot, “Love is like energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed.. It can only be passed on.” The seniors have done a great job in showing their love for us, and I cannot wait to pass this energy on. I cannot help but to want to give back to MSoc in the best way I think I can by being the VP. I want the freshers to love MSoc as I did.

The following are the goals I wish to achieve during my tenure (more elaboration during the AGM) and I will take you through it from three perspectives:

1. Conduct a hi-tea styled pre-departure talk to engage those unable to come for Freshers’ camp
2. Review the buddy system
1. Ensure events are continually held throughout the year to avoid non-MNight participants being excluded from the society / steer MSoc away from the direction that MSoc is all about MNight
2. Who Boleh to be done on a larger scale, collaborating with more societies
3. Day trips to increase bond between seniors and juniors
4. Higher density of events in first term to cater to the seniors’ busy schedules
5. Amazing race at beginning of term
1. Ensure quality of all production and marketing material
2. Promotion and marketing of MNight 2014 to start early
3. Implement frameworks and mechanisms, ensuring clarity in communication and expectations among MNight committee by creating detailed job scopes and deadlines
4. Archive of MNight productions
5. Continue the tradition of being the best MNight in the UK!

I am a dedicated and envisioned team player. Driven by my love for people and this society, I am certain I want to and can be your next Vice President.