Leng Jian Wei (David)

Name : Leng Jian Wei (David)

Post : Treasurer

Course : Chemical Engineering With A Year Abroad (1st Year)

Proposer : Genna Gan (3rd Year Biology with Management)

Seconded by : Ng Huey Jeen (3rd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)


In the duration of time that I have been in the Malaysian Society (MSOC), I realized how it was like to have a family away from home. No matter how different the circumstances of coming to Imperial College was, MSOC has not seem to fail in its main objective – making Malaysians feel at home (despite the standard 13 hour flight time distance from actual Malaysian soil), in a warm and tightly knit circle of friends. The many events hosted in MSOC such as theatre trips, dinners and the annual massive Malaysian Night act as the fuel to drive this amazing feat of bonding a society which consists of well over 100 members. However, it would be foolish to even imagine the events being carried out without any proper handling of funds.

I am running for the treasurer post in MSOC as I feel it may be the most suitable job for me. I, for one, have always had an interest in financial managing and budgeting. This is because through my eyes, proper management of finance is one of the most important components of a healthy society.  As misleading as the title may sound, as the Vice President of Taylor’s Computing Technology Club, I had to manage the funds allocated to the club’s events as well as handle accounting. In addition to that, I was also tasked with contacting and striking a sponsorship deal associated with the events planned. Therefore, I believe skill set obtained during that duration of time is similar to that required by the treasurer of MSOC.

Among my current aims are

–          To increase sponsorship towards the society. By tradition, sponsorship is one of the main sources of income for the club and hence, I aim to increase the amount sponsored by each sponsor, as well as search for more sponsors for the society.

–          A sports competition among the Malaysian societies of London-based universities should be held, implying the organizing of a London Games, should also generate the income required.

–          I plan to allocate budget for events based on their priority, with events involving a larger number of members being involved having more weightage.

In a nutshell, I believe I have the required skill and vision to undertake the role of treasurer.


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