Michelle Tan Wen Wen

Full Name: Michelle Tan Wen Wen

Course: Chemistry

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Teng Yew Hoo (1st Year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder: Jee Yen Hee (1st Year Bioengineering)


I spent my days during the early days of September 2012 wondering what would university life be like? Would I be able to adapt to the new environment, to the new people and Imperial itself? Even though I had preconceptions of what I thought life at Imperial would be like, I never expected this at all and part of the reason is MSoc. Something so unknown to me at the beginning of my days at Imperial has quickly become like my family. Being part of such a major production such as MNight has allowed me to make many more friends that I am quite assured I would not have made without the help of MSoc. MSoc not only introduced to me to all the freshers of 2012 but the second and third years as well. This would have been very difficult especially with the population of students at Imperial being close to 14000.

As a senior next year I would help introduce the incoming freshers to MSoc and thus allow them to have these same experiences that I’ve had as a first year and make them come to love and enjoy all the MSoc events that are organized annually. I strongly believe that as a committee member I will show commitment to the society and continue to foster a sense of community that has already been fostered by the current seniors of 2012/13. As a committee member I would aim to encourage more freshers and other years to become a part of MSoc, and remind that despite the late nights at the library doing work and the late nights doing multiple full runs of MNight, the benefits outweigh it all and that in time they will come to miss all those memories.

The potlucks organized by the seniors this year definitely were very successful and enjoyable for everyone involved. As a foodie myself, I would definitely try and organize more of these next year as an icebreaker at the beginning of the year. Additionally, I would actively encourage Malaysians to join MSoc both through social media (i.e. Malaysian Freshers Facebook group) as well as during Freshers Fairs. I will continue to help organize the very successful CNY dinners, theatre trips and potlucks but would hope to propose other trips such as trips during spring or Christmas vacations for those of us who stay in London over the holidays. This would be open to all members of MSoc consequently giving members a different environment to get to know each other. I strongly believe that this would encourage the seniors to get to know their juniors and would allow other members who aren’t part of the MNight to be better acquainted with each other. Some other new activities I propose are as follows:

  • More careers oriented events where seniors can speak to juniors about their experiences in terms of CV’s, applications for internships and life after Imperial.
  • Sports day: instead of having the different years compete against each other it would be good to have random teams where there would be at least one person from each year which could encourage team work and would allow juniors to get to know their seniors and vice versa
  • If the seniors had the time, they could organize study sessions or just general sessions where juniors could ask questions if they were unsure of anything to do with their course.
  • More social events could be proposed such as dinners during term breaks, visits to museums or to places such as Thorpe Park which will be open to everyone in MSoc.

In addition to this I will intend to help the other committee members as much as I can if they are ever faced with problems. I am confident that I can complete any task handed to me and ensure that everything runs smoothly even if I do encounter problems. Due to previous experiences in my high school Habitat for Humanity committee I have learnt lessons in problem solving, budgeting and organizing events, which would all be beneficial in the role of committee member. I believe that given my perseverance and hard working nature I can make MSoc even better and achieve the goals that I have set out above.