Ng Tong Wei

Full Name – NG TONG WEI

Course – Biomedical Engineering First Year

Post – Vice President

Proposer – Carol Ann Cheah, 2nd Year Biomedical Engineering

Seconder – Nigel Sim, 4th Year Biomedical Engineering

Choice of alternative run-down posts – Treasurer



It’s been months since I‘ve had this reminiscence across the globe all the way from home, but I remember it fondly. I remember the rich culture, the spicy flavours, the sunny afternoon and more. Here, the Malaysian Society reminds me more than that. In its more dramatic moments as the society’s biggest production coming, this was the setting of many sweat and tears, sandwich-packed practices, and a triumphant victory on a stage in applauses. Malaysian Night is over, now for us, left only with its remnants recollecting the tender pieces of our memory.

My philosophy of running the Vice president revolves around the inherited doctrine from the past committee members and seniors- Enhancing the fresher experience. It is very commendable. I really admire the way the seniors have been doing hence this will be my underlying principle for the period of my service. It’s imperative that Malaysian Society constantly challenges herself to explore new frontiers of activities that accommodate the members’ welfares as well as to cultivate a rapport among the community. I will try my best to represent the freshers’ voices in any administrative discussions, in concordance my principle above. Also, I will venture into ways to update the website consistently so that it will become the main page for everyone to find out our society. Alternatively a generic Imperial Malaysian Facebook group/page will be set up to serve as a social platform among the seniors from ALL years, alumni and freshers. This helps linking all the Malaysian students from all year to exchange ideas and make friendships easily, even simple with industrial and job perspective advising. My aim is to strive to ensure every member is given opportunities to play an active role within the society.

Both responsibilities encounter beautifully under a role. As a producer, I will in charge of overseeing all aspects of mounting Malaysian night Production. I have a far reaching passion in making a large scale film, in which I can get myself connected diversely in the whole process! From past experience as a President of Wushu society and a Head Librarian, I undertook different roles in my high school that encompasses administrative work and creativity. The versatile tasks involved will keep me inspired every day. I will hold up to my promise to devote my time and my thoughts in this priority. My preliminary goal for the role is to foster an environment in which the creative talents of the cast and crew can flourish. A committed and passionate group of members is the only thing I can ask for and therefore anyone can thrive to contribute throughout the process, regardless of their strengths and talents.

My ambitions for the next Malaysian night therefore inevitably include:

  1. Surplus sponsorship income and long term relationship with the sponsors to secure future revenues for the production. The later may be achieved by building up the potential sponsors’ awareness and keep them updated of what the society does. (Annual reports and achievements, etc)
  2. Devise an execution timeline and deadlines by year and by term, so that everyone can keep track on the progress. Early planning of the underlying premise of the production which primitively spans recruiting key members of script writers and directors, plot selection, financing and supervising the process. Early framing is of utmost importance to allow more ideas to be tested and considered throughout the preparation.
  3. Value creative inputs in performances to maintain high quality of originality, and with a strong emphasis on fresher’s experience over a forceful production.
  4. Efficient marketing strategies by setting up publicity team to generate promotional tactics much earlier. Statistical research on the audience ratio is to be implemented.
  5. Effective execution on stage by introducing cleaver operations by much scrutiny on the feedback from both participating seniors and freshers. Possible investment in long term assets such as a camera and other equipment.
  6. A sense of unity and effective communication among all the teams by having weekly updates and post-mortem session after every practice day.

To boil down, I am more than willing to devote myself in the work that resonates with my personal goals and interests. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing that I can do my best to contribute in motivating the team forward, given my self-inspiring attribute. At the heating points of both tasks, I will take initiative to acquire more understandings and to learn to solve any problems will emerge.

What lies ahead for Malaysian Society is not a perceived future but a family that has bonded intimately. Ever since a few welcoming overseas and guffaws took place, it is reassuring that Malaysian Society will be my cosy dwelling in my heart for the next few years. It gives me so much hope that I wish you will entrust my capabilities in this endeavour.

Thank you.