Phanit Suvanmani

Name:  Phanit Suvanmani

Course: Chemical Engineering

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Low Yi Ting (2nd Year Materials science and engineering)

Seconder: Clayton Qwah Kai Shek (2nd Year Physics with Theoretical Physics)


“Half Thai, Half Chinese but 100% Malaysian”.

It might seem hard to believe, but truthfully, I have a hard time making new friends. However, I feel that MSoc is one of the places where I can truly be myself. I look forward to MNight practices as it means getting to talk, laugh (and occasionally tease my fellow traditional girl dancers) with friends whom I wouldn’t get to see on a regular day. It made me feel at home, comfortable and snug, and it is something I treasure as a fresher in a foreign land.  I hope I can play a part in making our future members, all the loud, quiet, shy and every other characteristic known to humankind, to come together and feel a sense of belonging in this metaphorical home.

I am running for the post of an ordinary committee member because I believe I am capable and well suited for the task. I have been a Peer Counsellor, Food Committee Member, Student Council Member and Prefect in college. Hence, I understand the responsibility of representing my members in making this club their club. Imperial MSoc has so much potential to be more than just a club, it is the place where Malaysians bring out their ‘lah’s, rant to each other about how the sambal here isn’t sambal enough, or reminiscence the oh-so-heavenly-cheap place called the ‘mamak’.

If I were to be elected as an OCM, I believe in supplementing, rather than merely duplicating the pre-existing efforts that has been done this year.
In terms of events, I feel that more events should be held in Term 1, as those were the free and carefree days compared to the hectic Term 2 due to piling courseworks and MNight practices. It also gives the opportunity to freshers who haven’t decided to join MNight to see what a wonderful idea it will be to be a part of this family. I also feel that MSoc should have more Free of Charge (YES!!) events such as Potlucks, Random Outings to Hyde Park or around London, because it is those events that more members actually turn up.
In terms of welfare, I felt that the Fresher’s Camp was a really memorable experience for me. It was fun yet informative (what more can you ask for?). However, I understand that not every fresher will be going to the camp due to distance, lack of interest or they might not even know about it at that time. Therefore, smaller get-togethers can be held across the country including East Malaysia, thus answering doubts, forming bonds and just ‘lepaking’ with those who couldn’t make it to camp.

I, along with everyone else here today, have sacrificed time, effort and tears into this club. This is because we all treasure and cherish this ‘second home’ and is not something we want to see destroyed. I hope you can put your trust in me through your vote to know that, if elected, I will be an active part in holding up this house for the current and the future new members of MSoc.