Wee Kii Teh

Name: Wee Kii Teh

Course: Biochemistry

Post: President

Proposer: Sheela Ratnam (Physics 3rd Year)

Seconder: Sarah Tan Yann Jia (Chemical Engineering 2nd Year)

Run Down Position: Vice President



Wait, I mean HI GUYS! This is what MSoc is to me. It is the feeling that you’ve met some of the most awesome, talented, crazy people you can really be yourself around. It is the feeling that you’ve found a place where you belong. My vision for MSoc is bringing this feeling to all the people who are part of this family, and who will join this family. How will I do this? Firstly, let me tell you why I want to do this.

I want to be the President because I am passionate about MSoc and its aims. This passion and dedication stems from the experiences I have had within the society and the people (juniors, seniors) I have met. Through MNight, I found a variety of amazing (and most of the time wonderfully eccentric!) personalities which I want to be given a chance to work with. I want to be given the opportunity to lead this team of unique individuals, and this is one of the main reasons I have applied for the post of President. I am extremely committed to this society, and would see this through till the end if I were to be elected into this position.

What would make me a good President? I believe I have the interpersonal skills that would allow me to be accessible to others, but authoritative when needed. I like talking to people. I would definitely do all I can to make the freshers feel welcome and ensure that communication between the MSoc seniors and juniors remain ongoing and strong. I would be committed and professional in order to maintain the image of our society amongst the Union and sponsors.

With my past experiences, I feel I can efficiently manage sponsorships and the budget for the society. During my term as the Vice President of my A-Levels Student Council, I actively approached and secured sponsors for funds to organise the Annual A-Levels Ball. As for budgeting, I have had experience allocating funds for the A-Levels ball as well as when I was the Treasurer of the Prefectorial Board in my high school. I assure you, if I were to be elected, I would not only lead and delegate, but get down to the nitty-gritty and pick up the slack where required.

I have a clear vision for our society, and I aim to achieve this through:


  • To obtain more sponsorship and maintain good relationships with the current sponsors

–       Ensure enough funding for current events and allow us flexibility to experiment with new events which require more funding (eg. Day trips)

  • To increase relations and uphold existing communications with the Union, UKEC, ICMS, sponsors and other Malaysian societies


  • More exciting events involving all members of the society, for example:

–       Movie Night

–       Picnic for seniors and juniors of the same or similar course

–       Day trips eg. MSoc trip to Bath

  • Career Support for MSoc members

–       Joint career workshop with another society eg. Singaporean Society

–       Provide support and advice for broader range of career choices eg. research, engineering, accounting, banking

–       Type of support includes tips on CV writing, taking competency tests and interviews

  • Malaysian Night

–       I have taken notice of this year’s problems (eg. technical issues) and with that in mind I aim to co-produce a smooth running MNight 2014

–       Have loads of ideas for next year’s MNight eg. new exciting moves for Dikir Barat, include ballroom dance such as Latin as one of the dances

I may not know everything, but if selected as President, I am willing to learn all the necessary duties of the job along the way to make our MSoc experience the most amazing and fruitful one we will ever have.