Wei Jie Lim

Name: Wei Jie Lim
Course: Chemical Engineering
Post: Treasurer
Proposer: Ying Han Lee
Seconder: Liek Xi Bong

Ever since I have been part of Malaysia Society, I have developed a very special feeling within this lovely community. Many of us began with similar journeys. Dreaming to empower ourselves in a world class institution, we were brave and took a large step away from home, away from our family to reach dreams that we sought after, in Imperial College London. 10,000km away from Malaysia, I am fortunate to be part of this community, which has achieved its objective to unite us Malaysians of different backgrounds and personalities, to foster long-lasting friendship and to provide us with a home away from home.

I am privileged to be running for treasurer in MSoc committee 2013/14. Treasurer is an integral backbone of Malaysian Society, given his/her influence on one of the most important aspects, finance. I believe that I have the experience, capacity and confidence to be your successful treasurer next year.

First, experience. In Malaysia, I was the camp leader of a 250-capacity social awareness campaign, called the 30-Hour Famine by World Vision Malaysia. As the head of the campaign, together with 15 committee members, we looked for sponsorship, recruited participants, planned and promoted our campaign. I also budgeted our camp expenditures and handled funds and sponsorships, amounted to a total of more than RM30,000 for 5 months. I believe my experience has close similarity to a treasurer role in Malaysian Society. With my past experience and my outspoken personality, I am confident that I have the capacity to communicate with our sponsors and to manage our sponsorship in a wise and transparent manner.

In Imperial College London, I have been the team leader of fundraising of our Kenterprise project in Enactus, a charity organisation. In order to finance our entrepreneurial projects in Kenya, my team had raised over £880 in 2 months with effective fundraisers such as doughnut sales, Secret Valentine’s and Chinese New Year Lucky Draw. As the team leader, I handled finances of over £1500. I believe these experiences will benefit me and the society in terms of making wiser decisions after considering the pros and cons of every option available.

Second, personality. I am very responsible and meticulous, especially when it comes to figures and finance. I will assure the accuracy of each detail and figure in our annual accounts and when dealing with transactions both within the society and with our sponsors. As the main person managing our large funds, I will ensure every penny in Malaysian Society is managed with maximum level of honesty. Nonetheless, transparency. Personally, I think this has always been the largest challenge in each organisation. If I am elected as your treasurer, I look forward to develop and establish a clearer payment system for Malaysian Night tickets collections and payments.

I hope I have impressed you with my potential and the benefits that I can bring to Malaysian Society next year. If you believe that I am the best candidate as your treasurer next year, please put your faith in me and vote for Wei Jie. I promise that I will make a good treasurer and will bring Malaysian Society forward in terms of finance.