Yeoh Jer Wei

Full Name : Yeoh Jer Wei
Course : Aeronautical Engineering MEng
Post : Ordinary Committee Member
Proposer : David Leng Jian Wei 1st year Chemical Eng
Seconder : Jason Ng 1st year Medicine
Manifesto :

MSoc really helped me a lot throughout my stay here in London as I am from an island (Pulau Langkawi ) and adapting to a new environment such as London is not easy. Different people, different culture, and the different environment temperature here are all new experiences to me. MSoc assisted me in various ways from my VISA application to settling in London.


Reason why I want to be part of the committee is because I want to take care of the future fresher, to help them get the best experience out of their university life, to be their shield when they need cover, to be their counsellor if they need counselling.

Throughout my teenage life I have organised various trips, formally or informally to different locations in Malaysia. I am very approachable, good listener, flexible person and not easily offended. Making me the ideal person to complain or talk to about troubles academically, non-academically or regarding the society and I will transmit these feedbacks back to the committee anonymously.

What I would like to do:

–       Keep close contact with other universities in London regarding any upcoming events so that the freshers get the most out of their first years! – Start a mailing group with all university societies that are interested to ensure smooth transfer of information.

–       Event polls – Let the freshers choose an event for themselves.

–       Be the ‘Complain to him’ guy – any complains or anything that made them uncomfortable they can come to me with no worries as keeping things to themselves only generate negative emotions and nobody wants that.

–       Help any members that are under stress or just lost in their new environment, seeking for advice. – Give them my number, call me maybe.

–       Protect the members – sounds cheesy but I just want everyone to know that they are safe and whenever they need help they know they can count on me.


Yeap, that sums up what and why I want to be one of the committee.

My passion to give everyone a great and safe experience in UK is beyond words.

Long live MSoc.




[i] MNight Acting script Act 2 Scene 4 2013