Zhu Hui Yeap

Full name: Zhu Hui Yeap

Course: Medicine, 1st Year
Post: Secretary
Proposer: Ken Ho Weixing, Medicine, 2nd Year
Seconder: Qi Hui Tan, Biochemistry, 2nd Year
Choice of alternative run-down posts: Ordinary Committee Member



Where was I half a year ago? I was sitting in the corner of a boat, shivering as the cold Thames air breezed around me. As everyone pranced merrily around me I wondered what was wrong with me. I was supposed to enjoy this experience, but instead I felt for the first time what it was like to be alone, thousands of miles away from home…

That was six months ago though, and needless to say I found you guys along the way. Despite the cold and neurotic weather I’d always feel warmth whenever there’s a group of us huddling up together in the lecture rooms for our unique activities. Be it sitting down on Wednesday afternoons chanting EHHHH HA HA HA HA! or waking up on Saturday mornings and training to jump around and make love like a lion, it almost feels as if the Malaysian sun shines down whenever a bunch of us are occupied with a passion no one else can appreciate.

I have gained so much from MSoc in the past few months, and now is the time for me to contribute back to our society. As nominee for secretary I propose the following objectives:

  1. Volunteer to help with a unified room-booking system where all members can book rooms for any significant event through me.
  2. Personalising the newsletter while maintaining MSoc’s professional image, and unify it with our official MSoc webpage.
  3. Production and distribution of membership cards at an earlier date.
  4. MSoc Christmas events during Christmas break: Secret Santa, Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas trip around London.

I view this position to be a great responsibility and will not hesitate to put in my full commitment to this job. In the past, I have created and managed my high school’s first ever canteen project as our student council secretary where we had worked to provide a larger variety of meals for our students. Being in charge of the whole operation, I had to handle sourcing and communication with vendors, tabulation of sales as well as making sure that my peers were actually satisfied with the food they’re buying.

The huge effort spent in this endeavour stretched across my tenure and ate into my free hours; however as I look back now I feel a great sense of pride in seeing my project generating a steady stream of income for the student council and eventually establishing itself as a permanent fixture of our school. Volunteering to take up this responsibility has without a doubt, given me an invaluable insight on how to organise and look ahead in planning to make sure everything flows smoothly.

I will not shy away from listening to anything you might want to voice out and will work in maintaining the transparency and openness of MSoc’s administration. I believe in my capacity and dedication to continue the effort of others before me; to care, to help, to serve.

Together, we’ll work to make this place feel just like home.