Rachel Tan Wei Swin

Name : Rachel Tan Wei Swin

Course : 1st year Biomedical Engineering

Proposer : Clive Wong Toh Soon (2nd Year Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Seconder : Andrew Law Jiaxuan (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Run-Down Position : None


ICUMS is a refuge we turn to when we feel homesick in this cold and rainy city. It provides a channel for us to make our time here in university so much more than just about our deadlines and exams. But I believe ICUMS can be more than just a welfare society that organize theatre trips, pot lucks and CNY dinners.

Last summer, I enrolled in a 6-week cultural exchange volunteer abroad program under AIESEC to China to teach English to middle school students. Going there alone was a step out of my comfort zone but it wasn’t long after that I begin to enjoy and appreciate the experience in meeting so many good friends from all over the world, many that inspired me and further encouraged my self-development.

With that in mind, my vision as your External Liaison Officer of ICUMS is to allow members to find comfort in networking and to gain meaningful connections with people that will drive self-empowerment and self-motivation.


via Collaboration with MSocs in London

As Imperial isn’t a part of UoL and do not share the intercollegiate halls with the other universities of London, there has been a slight segregation between us and the other UoLs. But what brings people together more than a healthy competition!


Idea:- NERVE – We dare you. This is a competition where players race to complete 10 dares. A team can consist of 2-5 players. This competition spans for about an afternoon and players are required to complete dares at different tourist locations around zone 1. Throughout the entire day of the competition, the players are required to film themselves live via the app Twitch.tv and dares are given by the watchers. Players should do what they can to attract watchers to stream to their video as the team with the highest watchers are given extra points. The starting and finish line is at Imperial College London. This competition is open to students from UoL.


via Partnership Programme with Sponsors

Maintaining a good relationship with our current sponsors is vital and I plan to send monthly newsletter (or depending on the frequency of our events) to our sponsors to keep them updated so that they feel more connected to us.


Participation of our students can be encouraged by organizing more sponsor involved events.

Idea:- A case study on topics regarding consultancy partnering with EY. Through this event, participants get the opportunity to be mentored by professional representatives from the to tackle given problems. We can also work with our alumni on this idea.


I aim to approach companies who are sponsoring our members such as ASTRO, CIMB Bank and PETRONAS.

Besides, it is a pity that our current sponsors are not in the biology and related fields. Hence, I plan to look into sponsors that will benefit students planning to pursue this field via networking events with this company.


via Engagement with Alumni

I wish to strengthen our partnership with our alumni by organizing more joint events. Ideas for alumni joint events:-

  1. Ask An Alumnus (AAA) –  An online platform that puts students in touch with Imperial alumni by asking questions to increase their knowledge of various industry sectors and roles. Google form/JotForm is used as the platform to collect the database of alumni that are willing to participate and also to collect questions from students. My plan for the first phase of the introduction to this system is to organize an event where members use this to ask the alumni questions. This is done to create awareness and promote the usage of this system. Next, I will open up this form during certain periods of the year such as before Graduan or during the peak seasons where students apply for internships.
  2. Alumni networking event during summer – To be made an annual event in the years to come. Preferably held after the Pre-Departure camp so that we can embed and encourage the networking spirit in the freshers.
  3. Imperial Fellows – After the first run this summer, we will share the results of the program to the alumni in hopes of getting more alumni to take part. This will enable more students to be benefitted from this program.


Why me?

I am a risk taker. Having no prior experience in acting and dancing to such a large crowd, I took a leap of faith to audition for MNight. This risk paid off as my journey throughout MNight had taught me to step out of my comfort zone and deal with my fears, two-way communication, as well as to be resourceful.

Also, I realized how much I love working with so many talented and amazing people.

During high school, I was self-driven to take up and master the usage of Adobe Photoshop as I wanted to contribute to producing a quality and impactful yearbook that all the students would look back upon. It took me 4 years of experience before I was entrusted with the position of the Editor-in-Chief in my senior year. I continued to pursue graphic design as I took up the position of the Publicity Director in one of the biggest welfare and charity society in college, WACKY.

Hence, I am goal-oriented and I have the passion to work towards the goals that I set. I believe this makes me a good candidate for this position as I am passionate to my aim of equipping our members with networking skills. And I am sure with the help from 9 other brilliant minds in the committee, I can do my job well.