Rizqin Naim bin Rizal

Name: Rizqin Naim bin Rizal

Course: Chemical Engineering

Proposer: Ong Tiong Woon (2 nd Year MEng Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder: Daniel Si Zhi Wen (2 nd Year MEng Electrical Electronic Engineering)

Post: Sports OfficerRun-Down Position: None


I am going to give a cliché story but it is very true to its core. When I first came to the UK I thought
that it would be as easy as ABC when it comes to adjusting to a new environment since I’ve been in
boarding schools for 4 years which even though it doesn’t seem to be as impressive as those who has
had 7 years under their belt is still a lot of years. That wouldn’t be the case. It was hard for me and to
be completely honest most of the day after lectures I would just stay in my room. Most of my friends
that were from the same school in Malaysia lived at different halls and to interact with people of
different cultures and backgrounds was simply daunting. I had to take time readjusting myself in this
new arena and playing football helped me a lot in this. For me, going to football sessions weekly was
one of the highlights of my week. It was just fun to be around with people with the single purpose of
playing the sport we love. And nothing is sweeter than seeing people high-fiving or hugging each
other after a good play. It is just ecstasy to the soul in a good way. During these sessions, I also got to
meet seniors and also people from other courses which was quite hard when you are in Imperial.
Laughs were heard, smiles were evident everywhere and bonds were made in these sessions. Because
ICUMS’ sports session helped me out when I first came here, I’d like to return the favour by running
for Sports Officer.
Passion from sports bring people together in a way that you don’t see happen in other occasions. I still
remember like it was yesterday. Great Hall. Olympics 2016. We saw it on a projector screen that day.
Finals. And I am pretty sure you know what sport it was. We lost that day but in my days of watching
sports, I have never seen that many people united under one roof just because of the passion that
comes with sports. That is why I want to be Sports Officer. To make other people feel what I feel
when I play the sports that I love. Utter joy. People should feel that they are welcome when they are
playing sports. To relieve yourself from problems that you face in reality.
Below are the reasons on why you should take me as your Sports Officer:
1. Continuation and Improvements of the current Weekly Sports
– There has been great success in the weekly sports session. I would want to continue this
tradition especially for the sports with the greatest turnouts.
– There can be improvements to the system on how this works. One issue is that some
people attend a sports session that they have not paid for that term.
– One solution that may solve this is introducing a sports card and showing it to the sports
captain that you have paid for it. If there were financial difficulties, we may opt for an
electronic sports card where you are given via online your sports card in your smart

– Other than that, there also has been an increase interest in certain sports where there is no
fixed time every week such as frisbee. With a suitable venue at a reasonable price, this
can become a weekly sports session, granted there is a demand for the said sport.
2. Encouragement for E-Games
– As you all may know, there was a reception for the E-games section in Notts games last
year. We also have the upcoming Manchester E-Games which hopefully will be greeted
well by our gamers.
– I would like to continue this idea and also expand it by having maybe a fortnight game on
a private server specifically for ICUMS members. The technicalities for this idea have not
been fully thought but it is a start for our future MSOC gamers.
3. Better Bus Ride to Notts Games
– One of the biggest complaint that everyone has given when it comes to Notts Games was
that the bus travel was terrible throughout the journey. There were complaints where it
was stuffy and there was no space in the bus. It has been going on for the last two years.
– The reason to this problem is that ICUMS has already subsidised the jersey and entrance
fee for the Imperial players. When we have subsidised this, the bus that we hired is two
small buses which is quite pricy which is also the same for a double decker bus.
– One solution is integrating our bus rides with other universities. When we share big
buses, we can save money because no space would be left unattended. This may not be a
one fits all solution but it is a start.
4. Imperial ASEAN Games
– There was an idea last time to have friendlies with other ASEAN societies in sports such
as IndoSoc, SingSoc. I would like to bring back this idea. The reason why it was not done
this academic year is that we have overshoot our budget in the sports division.
– It depends on the budget but if there were extra funds, I am hopeful that we may have an
Imperial ASEAN Games for one or two sports since it is easier to coordinate events with
societies in the same university.

With all this in mind, I would like to say that this is all optimistic but I am wary that if I were to be
elected as the Sports Officer, it would be a daunting task. However, I assure you that you are in
capable hands if you pick me. As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.