Rou Jing Tan

Name: Rou Jing Tan

Course: 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Proposer: Girrja Mohandass (3rd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder: Shi Jinn Wong (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Run-Down Position: None


Ever since Freshers Camp, every moment that I have spent with my fellow Malaysians in Imperial constantly reminds me of home. Now given the chance, it’s time for me to give back to this society, and organise events that can bring people together. It is also known that university students are always occupied with academic work which sadly, is especially true for Imperial students. For this reason, I aim to help all members to chill and have more fun with the events organised.


Past events have been well carried out but after getting feedback from some members, I believe there is some room for improvement. I think it’d be fun to collaborate more with other societies in Imperial and Msocs of other universities too. Therefore, on top of Careers 101, ski trip, potlucks, various festive dinners, theatre trips and other “traditional” events, I have some new ideas to propose:


  1. ICUMS Amazing Race


A fun way for people to get to know each other better as the team must work together to complete challenges. To help promote communication across the years, members of a team must consist of at least 2 different academic year groups of people. I believe by implementing this rule it can help to break the ice between seniors and juniors. Prizes will be given to the winners as an incentive to participate.


  1. Book Lecture Theatres for Karaoke Sessions and Movie Nights


Other than casual sessions, I suggest organising themed sessions such as for Deepavali, Christmas and CNY. If possible, these themed sessions will take place right after their respective dinners. This way, people will already be in the mood for it and it’ll be a great opportunity for seniors and juniors to mingle and have fun together!




  1. a) Rent an actual karaoke place and try to negotiate for a cheaper price since we will have a large number of potential customers.
  2. b) Collab with Imperial Cinema. Their prices are already quite reasonable from what I’ve seen so far but I will try to get even cheaper prices. This method is preferred if a good quote can be obtained as it will be of a higher quality movie experience.


Of course, as always there will be a poll for members to vote for their preferred movies.


  1. Malaysian Food Cook Off


No words are needed to express the place of Malaysian food in the hearts of us Malaysians. I plan to collaborate with Msocs of other unis for this. The idea for now is to have casual cook off but it can be made into a big joint event depending on circumstances. This will serve as a good platform for members to network with Malaysians from other unis and make new friends.


Taking a break from all the exciting new event ideas, let’s not forget about our good old Careers 101. This can be a more engaging event by carrying it out in a “speed-dating” style instead. Juniors can gain more insight of what the seniors or alumni did as people tend to voice out more in smaller groups in my opinion.


Why Me?


My passion for this society can be seen clearly through my heavy involvement in Mnight.

Being vice president of the Japanese Cultural Society alongside with commitments in the school marching band which I was year rep for 2 years in high school, I am now a team player with time management skills. I also served as Imperial RAG’s Deputy Hall Officer and helped organise events which are open to all students in the uni. Hence, I am confident that I can handle this role well.


Thus, I believe that with my capability and enthusiasm, I am fit to be an events officer.