Sheng Yu Chia

Full Name: Sheng Yu Chia

Course : 1st year Biochemistry

Proposer : Naqiya Juzer (2nd Year Biochemistry)

Seconder : Masturah Azmi (3rd Year Computing)


Since arriving at Imperial, the Malaysian society has stood out to me as a homely sanctuary for me away from home. Giving back to the community is something I feel strongly for and having the role as treasurer will give me a suitable platform to share this homely sanctuary I was welcomed to, with the next batch of students. The role of a treasurer comes with immense responsibilities, from managing the cash flow of the society to managing the budgeting and finance of the society throughout the year; all of which are no easy tasks. However, I believe that my past roles as Head Boy in school has prepared me for this role.


My role as Head Boy has given me an excellent opportunity to develop and practice skills like impromptu problem solving as well as working effectively in a team; both of which are monumental for me as treasurer. Through my role as Community Service Director, I have developed tenacious mindset in handling with 3rd parties who are often slow to reply emails, etc. This tenacity of mine would benefit me greatly as a treasurer, to ensure the smooth flowing of activities and that deadlines are met. On top of this, having spoken before the entire school, at various events, and with smaller groups to organise events, the importance of articulate communication is not lost on me. This skill of communication is of utmost importance especially to foster strong bonds with our sponsors and to maintain the transparency of cash flow to the members of the society.


Providing a homely sanctuary for the next batch of students is heavily dependent on the financial status of the society. The stronger the society is financially, the better and the more well equipped our events can be orchestrated. For example, one of my thoughts would be to have the welcome dinner subsidised further. This will increase the inclusivity within the society. This strong financial power and steady cash flow of the society comes hand in hand with effective planning and budgeting of events- even before the start of the academic year. In the pursuit of strengthening the society’s funds, I will work closely with the events officer to come up with at least a skeleton of events for the next academic year, the sports officer for our sport budgets as well as the external liaison officer for sponsorship deals.


If I were to be elected as treasurer, these are what I like to achieve:

  1.   Sponsorship

Gaining sponsorships is an integral method for the functioning of the club. In the pursuit of simultaneously maintaining good relationships with our current sponsors, I would like to work with the external liaison officer to expand our sponsorship networks in the areas of science/technology/ engineering (like Shell) because I believe it is equally as important to form relationships with by companies that are heavily involved in science and/or engineering on top of entrepreneurial sponsors at the moment.


  1. Introduction of fundraising activities

Fundraising activities (like bake sales) are not a regular practice by the society. These activities will not only help improve the financial status of the society but also help forge camaraderie amongst members involved in these activities.


  1. Maintaining the transparency of funds

It is of utmost importance that the cash flow of the society is transparent to everyone in the society. This way, everyone would know how and where money is being spent. I would like to make this information accessible to everyone in the society by answering any and all questions pertaining to the funds of the society, provided a legitimate reason is given.