Si Zhi Wen

About Me


Hey everyone, I’m your secretary for 2017/18 and you can call me Daniel 😀 A 97 kid from PJ leaving his nest for the very first time, coming to a big city in a foreign country. Meeting new friends from all around Malaysia in Malaysian Society and gaining so many new experiences after being in Lion Dance, iCUBE and of course Mnight.


If you have not noticed, I like desserts or in general sweet things, from chocolate to biscuits to ice-cream, finishing a jar of Reese in just 2 days *shameless*. I play badminton during my leisure time to stay fit after all those sweet things. I also like to watch food shows online, big fan of Masterchef but don’t see myself a home cook like them. Listen to K-pop songs (don’t judge), love to sleep and travel.


As your secretary, I will be sending you our newsletter, selling Mnight tickets and in charge of all room bookings. If you have anything you would like to ask me, feel free to contact me through Facebook and I will respond in no time. Hope you will enjoy your time in Imperial, try out new things and catch you around on campus 🙂