Su Cheng Tung

Full name: SuCheng Tung
Course: 1st year Chemical Engineering
Proposer: Jason Chong (2nd year Mathematics)
Seconder: Girrja Mohandass (3rd year Mechanical Engineering)
Run Down Post: None


This is what I plan to bring to the Malaysian society (Msoc) and its members.

I honestly never thought that something would grow on me so quickly. During Mnight 2016 MAYA screening when we watched the second years reminisce their precious mnight days, I felt like I was in a room with all my friends back home. “A house is not a home”, but the very place with friends who care for each other, a place where people bond and feel most comfortable. A place to have fun and grow at the same time. After what Msoc has done for me, I can strongly vouch for this quote because up till now, home was at the lecture theatre where we watched MAYA, the hall where we had Christmas potluck, the Deepavali dinner restaurant, etc.

Hence, it would be an absolute privilege to lead this family towards enrichment. However, what do I want to enrich? How will I achieve this? I want to enrich what our name itself resembles. I, C, U, M, S. Interactions, Camaraderie, Uncover, Mutuality, and finally, Synergy.


Bridging the gap between seniors and juniors has been a long-lasting challenge that has been taken up continuously. Nevertheless, I plan to enrich the interaction between seniors and juniors by proposing more simple card games, board games whatsoever during gatherings such as Christmas potluck. I also plan to have more friendly competitions during weekly sport sessions.


Shadow opportunity scheme. For Sports Secretary, Events officer, Communication Secretary and External Liaison officer. Purely for those who want to acquire a wider knowledge on how the society functions from the inside and on the job scope in case they decide to run for main committee in the future, also to acquire skills that can’t be learned in class.

For communication secretary, this scheme also avoids having a vacant position during election due to lack of qualifications. The rotation scheme will also be available, so members can be exposed to more than one job scope. Shadowers are chosen on a first come first serve basis, to avoid the mind set of this being a hierarchy system. (These are not official posts and do not get recognition as the union restricts number of committee members)


To enrich the members’ exposure towards their career possibilities, I plan uncover the opportunities for the members to engage with alumni through continuing to carrying out career101, which had a high turnout rate last year. By sitting in a session where seniors address their questions towards the alumni out loud, freshers get an insight on how to engage with alumni. Then from there, taking the next step which is speed dating. Then and there members can get individual time with an alumnus to ask more personal questions.


I plan to enrich our mutuality with two main parties. Sponsors and student based organisations. With Sponsors, I plan to approach multiple companies including the likes of IOI group and Ambank. For student based organisations, I plan to maintain our mutual beneficial relationship, to continue our affiliateship with iCUBE, ICMS, UKEC, and YME.


Synergy, when the combined outcome of a group outweighs the outcome of each individual. Synergy is a value needed in almost every task carried out by Malaysian society, Malaysian Night being a key example of such a feat. Hence, I plan to enrich the synergy in ICUMS by having a regular feedback system so that we are aware of the concerns of the members, to ensure we continue to surpass boundaries in everything we take on.

I am running for this position because I am confident that I am capable of taking up this job. My past positions of Treasurer of Track and Field, Head of the English Forum Team, Secretary of Rotaract club and Vice president of the fitness club have helped me improve on my time management skills as well as the ability to adapt to new challenges. Soft skills like a sense of responsibility, and how to work with a team is what I have gained from these posts. After several part time jobs as a sales person at electronic fairs, not forgetting MNight ticketing sales, I have become more confident and calm when speaking to others, and improved greatly on my communication skills.

If elected, the path ahead will not be smooth and easy, but with challenge, achievement follows. I am ready to commit to learning whatever there is to learn, to be the leader best suited to lead this family. Be that as it may, a leader is not a leader without its members, so together, we will make an outstanding, enriched, Malaysian Society.