Tan Cheng Moi

Name : Tan Cheng Moi

Course : 1st Year Mathematics

Proposer : Brianna Chang (3rd Year Mathematics)

Seconder : Darien Wong (2nd Year Chemistry)

Run-Down Position : None


Before coming to Imperial, I barely knew anyone here. No seniors, no close friends, no information about what freshers needed. All these lasted until I joined the Imperial Malaysian Freshers’ group on Facebook where I found similar Malaysians who will & had encountered the same journey as I have. Since then, from freshers’ camp to MNight practices, I got to know friendly seniors and also friends who can cook together. All these would not happen without MSoc. MSoc brings members together, supports every member and represents us. Thus, inspired by all the joy MSoc gave me, I am determined to run for the treasurer post.


About me?

As a person who is too young to die but also too restless to stay still, I always give my best & enjoy what I do, hence I am and will still continue to be passionate about my choice. My passion, efficiency & capability were affirmed when my internship company decided to bring me as 1 of the 8 people to work for an international five-day event which accommodated more than 100,000 attendees. In this event, I had the chance to work with international partnership companies’ representatives which then built up my confidence & skills in speaking to external parties. Also, in such a huge event, time management & organisational skills were the keys to success. I could proudly say that I did it. In schools, I was also appointed to undertake various leadership roles in 6 different societies. Even without being an official treasurer, I managed to gain my team’s trust to be the one handling a few thousand Malaysian Ringgit in camps. With these experiences, I believe that I can be a good team player, good listener and am able to provide constructive comments when necessary.

About you!

Well, the existence of this position is to ensure MSoc runs smoothly with sufficient funds. However, the most important asset in MSoc is you! So, my ultimate goal is to let MSoc have a sustainable financial status without neglecting members’ need. Thus, the following is what I would like to achieve if I am elected:

  • Budget allocation

To ensure financial sustainability in MSoc, the allocation of budget is extremely crucial because failure of good allocation may cause severe loss of the society’s funds. From the advice of the past treasurer, balancing budgets between events would be the key to the satisfaction of members. Hence, an online survey regarding the relative importance of events will be carried out among members. Through this, we can understand most members’ needs and cater to their needs. Lastly, I will look at the past budget as reference and listen to other committee members’ advice before coming out with the final budget allocation.

  • Transparency

The current policy of disclosing our society’s finances to members during Ordinary/Annual General Meeting will be continued. In this case, I will be open for enquiry throughout the year regarding any financial-related stuff of the society as I will leave no man in the dark. Also, I will give a brief update regarding the financial status of the society to the committee members every fortnight. This will give every committee member a rough idea on how well the society is going.

  • Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the main source of income in MSoc and thus, it is very important for us to continue securing them. Through the understanding from current treasurer, the possible problem that might arise is that sponsors normally come in later of the year and this leads to lack of funds initially. In this case, I will discuss with the external liaison officer to come out with a timeline and targeted amount of sponsors to achieve. The timeline will start around the end of May and the sequence of the company will be decided based on the relative importance & possibility of sponsoring. Also, I will try to increase the suitable discount deal available for members such as the places where member often go. In the worst scenario where there is not enough sponsorship, I will be ready together with the events officer to come out with at least one profit-based event such as clubbing event to ensure there will be no net loss for the society.

  • Payment Related

It is very common that members forget to pay after signing up an event and thus, I will send a reminder message 2 days before the deadline via Facebook or E-mail to every individual who has not paid. Also, I would send a confirmation message after each payment was received.


All about us.

I believe that everyone wants the best for MSoc and together, we will make this happen. I will be my best serving MSoc if I am granted the opportunity. Nonetheless, I will be willing to fill in any comrade’s gap when they are busy because to me, this completes what a team means. From helping out in MNight to researching venues for events to improvising welfare of members, I will be there to help whenever I can. Of course, I am not perfect as a human being but I believe that I can fit perfectly to becoming a treasurer. All in all, I want to be the treasurer and not limited to only the treasurer.