Tham Wei Qian

Name: Tham Wei Qian

Course: Physics

Proposer: Tan Jin An, Chemical Engineering Year 3

Seconder: Lim Jie Hui, Civil Engineering Year 2

Post: Vice President

Run-Down Position: Welfare Officer


Being just an average undergraduate in Imperial College, in addition of being an introvert, it is not
easy to stand out, even in ICUMS alone. I’m sure many of you would ask, “who is this person that I
have never heard before nor seen before, and now running for vice president?” I’m deeply sorry
about that due to my introverted nature, I approach unfamiliar people with caution. However, I can
assure you that I can things done. Why then, should you trust me in such a role that requires me to
talk a lot and meet new people? If required for me to talk, I will put my task first. I spoke in front of
thousands of unfamiliar faces as an emcee and worked in education fairs as promoters before, I
don’t think this introverted nature of mine would have a negative impact on me doing my job as the
vice president.


I will put my job before personal life, if required, I will dedicate my time fully to ensure my work as
vice president is done well in expense of time for myself. I could list down more reasons as above for
you to elect me as your next vice president, but I’m not that narcissistic enough to do that.
The reason why I would like to run for vice president is:
1. To maintain the excellent work done by all previous vice presidents.
I believe all the previous vice presidents had done an excellent job in bringing the freshers
together. I wish to continue bringing the next batch of freshers to know each other and
never felt left out. Personally, I would like to focus on any freshers who are not in any part of
MNight to ensure they still feel at home. I believe MNight is a great event that brought me
to know many of my current Malaysian friends, and I am grateful that I get to know them. I
will continue to put in effort to make MNight the best in UK, and as a platform to bring
Malaysian freshers together. But I believe some Malaysians who didn’t take part in MNight
for some reasons should be my focus for my term (second to MNight).
2. To improve, if not, maintain the reputation of MNight being the best MNight in UK.
After watching the full runs, I truly believe ours is the best MNight in the whole UK. And I am
proud of it. I want to be in the next team in charge of MNight, continue to impress our
audience, having them wanting to come back to Imperial MNight every year.
3. To expand the work on spreading the culture of Malaysia outside MNight.
Being vice president, one of the task is to spread the culture of Malaysia to UK. I believe
MNight is a perfect platform to spread Malaysian culture. However, I believe it is only one
aspect of Malaysian culture. I am a fan of Malaysian culture myself, especially Malay culture.

I am considering introducing Malaysian traditional games right before MNight as an

If I am elected, my goals as ICUMS vice president are:
1. To make MNight an event not to miss every year.
Being the best MNight in UK, I wouldn’t want to spoil our reputation that is one thing. I
believe all previous vice presidents have done an excellent job in making MNight a
tremendous success. I would definitely maintain many aspects of how the previous
producers have done their work as it is good. However, there are some changes I would
make for next year. To summarise:
– To encourage past choreographers to occasionally attend practices to give constant
– To increase communication between each department of MNight.
– To introduce assistant choreographers if necessary.
– If possible, introduce a Chinese dance in addition to a traditional dance and Bollywood
dance. In addition, to encourage more freshers to join all dances.
– Changing the insulting song of Dikir Barat to a praising song.
Whatever the changes, the priority would still be to ensure all choreographers, directors,
managers and team members will enjoy their time in practices and in MNight itself, making
it a fun night for everyone to enjoy, and one day look back feeling proud of participating in
2. To work alongside MSoc committee and MNight committee.
I personally am a team worker. Knowing the task of a vice president in MSoc is to help the
president in his work, I will ensure my assistance will alleviate his workload and will ensure
most decisions made will have his approval. I would also assist the other committee
members if required.
As a producer of MNight committee, I will ensure the directors will produce a great script
that is acceptable by the seniors and ensure there will not be any loss in communication
between the producer and choreographers. I plan to be present in most practices. In
addition, I plan to have each team write a simple written report/message to be sent in after
practices to help keep track of progress and prevent loss in communication.
3. Aim to bring 3rd and above years to bond with the freshers with assistance of other
committee members.
Being a fresher, one thing I felt is that the opportunity to bond with 3rd or higher ICUMS
members is not achieved, as the number of 3rd years I know are few. I believe that this
could be changed. The buddy family system involved mainly the 2nd year students, and I do
understand that 3rd years are busy. If elected as vice president, I plan to come up with a
solution to improve on relationship within seniors and juniors with the help of the welfare
and events officer.

I used to be the president of 3 societies and holding 3 more minor positions back in the 5th year of
secondary school, I was always trusted by my teachers to do the work entrusted to me. I dedicated
my time to all the societies that I run for and never once did I neglect my job for my own leisure.
Now, I am running for a position in ICUMS, I believe I can contribute my all to the society despite a
busy Imperial Undergraduate life. I believe that failing to try is trying to fail. Even though I am just an
average amongst all of you, I would never be the vice president at all without me even trying. If
elected as vice president, without putting any effort to MNight and without putting any thought and
energy into MNight, I would bound to fail to live up to the standard of best MNight in UK. Without
trying, I would never get any of my plans and goals done. I pledge to give my all to ICUMS if elected,
and never give up trying to improve myself and complete my responsibilities! I hope I would get your
support to give you the best MNight in 2019, and to give the next batch of freshers the best
experience they would have together with you.