ULDP – Axiata [Leadership Development]

Dear all,

To those who are interested in applying for ULDP, representatives from Axiata have allowed you to skip the online application! All they require is for us to send your CV’s to them by the 20th June. After that, applicants will be selected for their interview.

So, can everyone who is interested please send their CV’s in the following format

“Name_Year.pdf”. Example: “HaowJernTee_First.pdf”

To this email address: malaysian@imperial.ac.uk

I would really appreciate it if you guys can send it by 19th June, 2359! Thank you 🙂

University Leadership Development Programme,ULDP is a “Summer Camp” style programme hosted by Axiata for local and international undergraduates that takes place on the 5th to 19th August to improve your leadership skills.

A selected few from those who have completed the programme will be offered an 8 week structured internship at Axiata the following year.

For more information, visit their website at here.