Victoria Khoo

Name: Victoria Khoo Wei Shan

Course: 1st Year Biochemistry 

Proposer: Melissa Yeo Mixia (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder: Kee Yan Kai (2nd Year Material Science and Engineering)


For the majority of us, living alone in a new country and having to adapt to a new culture in such a short period of time can be daunting and filled with uncertainty. However, the ICUMS committee and seniors have, without a doubt, successfully fostered such a welcoming environment that has made this journey one that is filled with terrific experiences and irreplaceable memories. I am truly grateful that the committee has put in such immense effort and commitment into organising events, and this is the reason why we can still feel at home 10,000 kilometres away. From the Pre-Departure Camp, Fresher’s Dinner, having a buddy family and all the events leading up to and including M Night, each event has helped my transition into university a smoother sailing one because of the Malaysian hospitality that absolutely cannot be found anywhere else. In this respect, I would like to maintain the platform that the seniors have so well established and take it to newer heights.


Why apply to become an Events Officer?

As Events Officer, my main aim is to build a platform that allows the members of ICUMS to establish and strengthen connections within the whole society while maximising their time here in Imperial through organising relevant events. I chose to apply for this role because I have observed the way many university societies such as ours work in the past five months of being here, and I believe strongly that it is mainly through events that their members get to know each other and make the most out of their time here. Most of time in a big group, it takes a few people who are resilient and determined to successfully execute an event and I believe the numerous leadership positions that has ultimately shaped me into becoming very systematic and ambitious with my goals.


As an Events Officer, my plans are to bring forward the fundamental events and also take it to the next level by maximising each member’s time in ICUMS by looking into the following aspects:


  1. Development of Careers (internships/jobs)
  • Attend Graduan fair and look for companies that relate to the courses and interests of members
  • Follow up and contact speakers that might potentially give advice on writing CV, cover letters, how to approach applying for a job, job insights into a variety of job scopes (liase with External Liaison on this matter)
  • Organise an event such as previously organised Careers 101 that will include elements that are chosen by the members
  • Request for alumni to give their insights to current students regarding steps to take at each level


  1. Day Trips
  • One day excursions to places that members want to visit
  • Examples such as theme parks (Blackpool/Alton Towers), hiking trips as carried out before with possible collaboration with other MSocs (e.g. MSocs in London) also as done bfore
  • Decisions would include a poll that would allow members to vote
  • Possible subsidy allocation


  1. Winter Ski Trip
  • Possible collaboration with SingSoc depending on logistics (e.g. number of people attending, timing of confirmation and booking)
  • Start planning early to finalise plan so that more fresher’s can be encouraged to attend




  1. Socials

–   Welcome Dinner / Leaver’s Event will all be carried out

  • To organise dinners to celebrate events such as CNY, Deepavali
  • Able to allow members to have a feel of home during these celebrations


  1. Other activities
  • Ice Skating at Natural History Museum during the winter months
  • Sports events such as the upcoming mini sports day or just friendly matches or mini competitions
  • Clubbing events (such as Zodiac) to be carried out again (to be discussed with the president)
  • Secret Santa and Christmas Potluck and picnics to take place once again
  • Possibly more theatre trips that would allow more members to attend
  • Open to suggestions from members for any events in mind


  1. Suggestions
  • Possible barbecue session at the start of term
  • Possible outdoor activities such as Bubble Football or an overnight trip to Lake District
  • All suggestions will be carried out upon the demands of the members
  • Other suggestions are welcome and will be taken into consideration


Being a prefect in college has thought me many skills, one of which is to deal with difficult situations in the midst of events for example having to spontaneously come up with solutions and sacrifices on the spot which is no easy task. Although things may not go as planned, it is always important to be able to adapt and focus on the main goal, which is what I have learnt being a team player in many aspects such as during sports or even being President of a society in high school. During my time as President, I have managed to organise workshops for the members which included getting into contact with external sources and coordinating with different groups.


The distinct environment that exists in ICUMS today is built upon a foundation that allows us to bond so instinctively as we gather. By running for this post, I hope to be able to continue the legacy by the previous committee and take ICUMS to even greater heights.