Wei Bin Loo

Name: Loo Wei Bin

Course: 1st Year Civil and Environmental Engineering

Proposer: Tou Da Hui (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder: Yeow Yi Xuan (2nd Year Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Run-down Position: None


Being a candidate to pitch for the role of a treasurer, I am interested in ensuring the sustainability by introducing both short and long term financial strategies to run the society smoothly. ICUMS is a platform that brings individuals within our nation together in a foreign country, where friendships flourish and bonds are strengthened over the moments spent together. It is ultimately a society that bridges the gaps among members and committee to expand horizons in initiating and executing various events. The annual flagship event of the society, Malaysian Night had brought individual from various backgrounds together to strive and work towards a common goal, thus this had inevitably motivated me to contribute to the society and serve its members to empower one another.


Having prior experience as the treasurer of the Science Society of Chong Hwa Kuala Lumpur, I understand that finance management is essential in an organisation. This is because liquidity of cash flow is the core element in ensuring the operation of the society on a daily basis. Being the corporate relations officer of the “30 Hours Famine Camp”, I was assigned to secure sponsorships and fundings to facilitate the event. This experience had given me an insight in communicating with sponsors and enhancing team dynamics within the committee board. These experiences have moulded me into an individual that is well organised and responsible.



Understanding that sponsorships are one of the major sources of finance, a treasurer is responsible as ICUMS’ first line ambassador alongside the External Liaison Officer in maintaining and strengthening ties with existing and potential sponsors with utmost professionalism. Hence, I aim to secure funds and sponsors by strategically customising and revising sponsorship schemes. I would also focus on pitching ideas on areas of collaboration to potential sponsors with the External Liaison Officer and President. This is to ensure that both parties would be able to establish sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships, ie. utilising funds provided by initiating events to increase engagement within the members of the society and to provide talent pool for the respective companies or organisations.


Transparency and Accountability

The key quality of being a treasurer is trustworthy, one of my future job scopes will be reviewing the overall financial standing on monthly basis. In addition, I would be responsible for producing financial reports for all events and projects. This is to acknowledge the committee and members of the society regarding our current financial state. I would also identify items that are under the name of ICUMS, thus maintaining a comprehensive inventory list for ICUMS.


Financial Management

Being aware of the importance of money in every event held by the society, a treasurer is responsible for facilitating internal processes by managing funds prudently. Budget planning will be completed prior to discussions held with the logistics team, president and event officers to ensure that the events are executed successfully. Details that involve financial processes will also be overseen to avoid mishaps. Apart from this, I will to provide a general overview addressing the society’s expenditure during my tenure.


Taking up the role and responsibilities of the treasurer of ICUMS, it will be a steep learning curve and a new horizon that I would be venturing into. Despite the challenges and uncertainties that lay within this position, I will commit myself wholeheartedly to fulfil my duty to ensure the welfare of our members, providing financial advisory and support to the committee and entire society. In a nutshell, having ICUMS as the second home in the UK, I would like to serve ICUMS by contributing my efforts in empowering the society and propelling our members to greater heights.