Yashvina Raventharan

Name: Yashvina Raventharan

Course: 1st Year Civil Engineering

Post: Events Officer

Proposer: Pashiini Supramaniam (PhD in Chemistry)

Seconder: Benjamin Guo Wei Li (PhD in Civil Engineering)



Excited. Nervous.  Maybe even a little scared.


That is what it feels like for a majority of us when we study abroad for the first time. Living independently in a foreign country can be daunting. The Malaysian Society plays a highly important role in easing the transition for the freshers and continuously providing a home away from home until we then graduate. The society serves as a secondary family, to alleviate the feeling of homesickness and to provide a support system should you feel like you need someone who can understand the frustrations of having to satisfy your cravings for spicy food by cooking them yourself, or someone to simply understand your appreciation for the 30-degree weather in Malaysia when its winter here.


As events officer, I hope to be able to bring you events that would help you find a group of people with mutual interests who you will eventually be able to call family.


The objectives of my proposed events are to:

  • Increase chances of freshers meeting with seniors who can provide a guiding hand as they have been through the experience of being a first year student.
  • Ensure the events held cater to a variety of interests, regardless of year so all members can participate fully and benefit from being a part of the Malaysian Society.
  • Work with the external liaison officer to increase opportunities for us to socialize with fellow Malaysians from different universities


As events in previous years such as the hiking, theatre trips and dinners have been hugely successful, I would like to keep these events with a possible increase in number of hiking trips. Here are some of my ideas for events in the upcoming year:


Career events

Careers 101 is a great way for members to learn from our alumni who have been very successful in securing prestigious jobs and internships hence this event should be held more often. However, we as first years do not recognize the importance of career focus early on in university life. Hence, my proposal would be to have a more casual session with inclusion of company representatives for 1st years close to the end of second term so they would have had time to figure out which career path they are interested in. In conjunction with the UKEC-Graduan Fair, we could potentially invite company representatives and volunteers to provide information on internships and volunteering works over the summer period in Malaysia. Careers 101 would still be open towards all years but mostly aimed towards members 2nd year onwards and will include key speakers from top companies.

Dinner events

In the previous year, dinner events were held mostly to celebrate major festivals together, providing a family-like atmosphere for celebrations where we are used to celebrating with our families at home. The large turnouts to the Deepavali, Chinese New Year and welcome dinner consisted of a mix of 1st years and seniors alike. As these events can be held at times that are convenient for the majority, they provide a solid platform for members to forge friendships across all years and departments. An increased number of small dinners to include celebrations such as Wesak Day and change of venues where the annual dinners are hosted could possibly attract a higher number of people.


Day trips

Day trips whether to places within London such as museums, SeaLife London Aquarium, Warner Bros Studios or to places outside London such as Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and many other places could cater for varied interests, ensuring every member has an equal opportunity to participate in events that are of interest to them regardless of what that interest may be. Exhibitions and shows such as the annual Dog show, and art and science exhibitions within London can be held for all the animal, art and science lovers among us.


Who Boleh?

This event held in previous years, is a sports event held jointly by Malaysian Society, Singaporean Society and Thai Society. Held sometime during the Spring term, it is an event that includes a variety of games with a mixture of sports, cards and online games where members work together in teams and engage in a friendly competition. Given the timing of the Malaysian Society buddy family sports day is around the same time, sufficient time will be given between events to maximize participation of members.


The Malaysian Society has helped me settle down here far more easily than I would have on my own with the help of Freshers Camp and help from seniors after I got here. Making friends was made much easier with the many events held and I hope to do the same for the next batch of freshers. The Malaysian Society truly is a family and I look forward to keeping the bonds within this family strong.