Zhi Wen Si

Name: Zhi Wen Si

Course: 1st Year Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Post: Secretary

Proposer: Angeline Yeo (2nd Year Biomedical Science)

Seconder: Melissa Teng (2nd Year Chemical Engineering) Run-down Position: None



Studying in one of the top universities in the world was really a dream come true and up till today I still can’t believe I am here in Imperial. During the first two weeks, I was really homesick because I felt lonely and clueless of what to do. However, that no longer was the case when I joined Malaysian Society.

Being in Malaysian Society, I managed to make many new friends after joining various activities and events. There were also many seniors that were easy to get along with and I didn’t feel intimidated at all. Everyone was generally nice and friendly which I had a warm feeling inside of me. At that moment in time, I realized that the time when I feel at home is when I am in Malaysian Society.

As a show of my gratitude towards Malaysian Society, I have decided to run for the position – Secretary.

If elected, my goal is to work on the following aspects:

  1. Record Keeping
    • –  Propose the use of Google Drive to store all committee members’ documents so thateveryone can refer to or obtain each other’s documents if needed
    • –  Combined effort in writing proposals and updating spreadsheet can be done in real time
  2. Newsletter
    • –  Work alongside with other committee members to promote the events that are happeningand also events held by other universities’ Malaysian societies
    • –  Request for feedback from members after every event held for the committee to reflect onthem and make any necessary improvements in the future
    • –  Include greetings during festive seasons and words of encouragement during examperiods
  3. Room Bookings

– Support Vice President in room bookings for weekly Mnight practices

  • –  Collaborate with Mnight directors, dance choreographers and props managers in looking for vacant rooms and providing some suggestions if extra practices are needed
  • –  Liaise with Lion Dance team in looking for places that are rather soundproof for training to prevent any complaints from other departments
  • –  Constantly follow up with Union on room booking requests
  • –  Provide assistance to Msoc’s affiliates in room bookings if required
  1. EXCO Meeting Minutes
    • –  Will be available for perusal within a week for committee members to refer to anyimportant deadlines ordecisions made
    • –  Absentees will be followed up to ensure that everyone is updated
  2. Reports and OGM Minutes
    • –  Prepare reports on the events that have taken place within a week and provide toCommunication Secretary to be put up on our website
    • –  Email OGM minutes to every member so that everyone stays updated and they can checkback on any important announcement made during the meeting
  3. Ticketing
    • –  Have a Google Sheet set up to keep track of ticket sales, can be monitored by Treasurerand Vice President as well
    • –  Liaise with Treasurer to ensure that payment has been made
    • –  Conduct ticket distribution and collection systematically to prevent any mistakes or losttickets
    • –  Frequent updates of tickets sold when closer to Mnight or selling out to motivatemembers to continue pushing ticket sales
  4. Communication & Assistance
    • –  Work hand in hand with other committee members and provide support when necessary
    • –  Ensure that there is no miscommunication between committee members by constantupdates and not assuming everyone is clear with their respective rolesWhy am I suitable for this position?
  1. Self – discipline:
    I am a very well disciplined person. I like to be organized by having everything sorted out because I find it very annoying when things are all around. Not just that, I am the kind of person who loves to plan everything beforehand when I am given something to do. For example, I have a planner that has how and when things should be done scheduled in it. Also, there are times whereby I can have fun but when it comes down to business, I am very serious with my job and will not tolerate with people fooling around.
  2. C ommit me nt :

Once I got myself involved into something, I am fully committed to it because I feel that it was my choice to take up this responsibility therefore I should do my very best. For example, during Dikir Barat practices, I always make sure I give my all and not hold back, and I also took the initiative to help others with their moves because I felt that it would be better for the whole group to be good as a whole instead of just individuals. Every commitment I have made is a priority to me therefore I make good use of my time management skills to ensure that I always get the job done.

3. Past experience:
Being the Head Prefect in my high school, I am used to working in a committee. With the experience of making decisions and leading a group of people, I can say that I am capable of working with others and under pressure. Not just that, being in iCUBE under the Projects & Events Department, I worked together with a group colleagues on a particular task. I am a good team player because I am open to criticism and I tend to offer help to others instead of prioritizing on my work only. From these experiences, I realized that I am more comfortable playing a supportive role than being a leader. I am also in the Lion Dance team therefore I am familiar with the need of room bookings for weekly trainings.

In retrospect, I would like to step out of my comfort zone by being the secretary of Imperial’s Malaysian Society. I believe that with my determination and dedication, no obstacles will be able to hinder me from bringing Msoc to greater heights!